WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Choose Who To Inform When You Change Your Number

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WhatsApp has added a new feature that lets you choose who to inform when you have changed your WhatsApp number.
Currently, when a user changes their phone number they can migrate all their contacts, groups and chats to their new number and everyone will see it that you have changed your number. This would inform everyone, even people you wouldn’t want to have your new number.

WhatsApp has now enhanced this function by giving the user the option to choose who to tell that they have got a new number. Furthermore, after selecting people who should know about your new number, a notification would be sent to your contacts.

The feature was announced in a post on The WABetainfo blog and it is currently available for Android users. To have this feature, WhatsApp users have to update their app to 2.18.97 Android Beta on Google Store Play Store. 

The new feature comes with these three options-notify all contacts, notify contacts who you have a chat with, or you can manually choose who to alert.


After switching your number, all shared messages in the old chat will be transferred to the new number’s chats, Plus a notification alerting that the user has a new number will appear in the chat.


  1. anon

    what we need is a Yes/No/Ignore feature for group invites. who wants to wake up and see they are in another few groups for no reason.

    1. Edge

      That will be lovely

  2. Bruce Senabe

    Indeed it is a good future that will help to discard numbers we don’t need.

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