The Most Popular Online News Platforms In Zimbabwe (April 2018)


In March, we decided that we would publish the statistics of online news publications for each month and so here we are once again, looking at the numbers from the interesting month that was April.


We had some interesting highlights on the news scene as Mnangagwa released “the list”, the government legalised the use of Marijuana (for medicinal purposes and Strive Masiyiwa opened up on attempt by the former government to abduct him.

The List…

Anyway, here’s a look at how the battle for readers played out over April’s 30 days

Rank (previous rank)Publication/PlatformTotal Visits/MonthFacebookTwitterPages/Visit
1 (1 ) 830350 6164.19
2 (3) 172219 9393.47
3 (4) Bulawayo24.com908.03K109 33046 7434.84
4 (5) zimeye.net1.09M232 394 25 8593.72
5 (2) newzimbabwe.com914.11M 89 491 4 4773.59
6 (7) 523 7 8293.72
7 (N/A)nehandaradio.com629.51K417 216 119 2692.50
8 (6) 299 190 1563.20
9 (9) iHarare.com526.73K140,635 6 8044.07
10 (8),920 49 0403.44
11 (14) 508 35 5134.41
12 (11)
16 006 4 0532.37
13 (13) 294 39 9784.15
14 (12) 604 103 3631.79
15 (10)zimbabwesituation.com248.88K
104 127 12 7452.80
16 (15) 736 50 4434.39
17 (16) 922 95 9193.10
18 (19) 623 9 9291.91
19 (N/A)zimbabwe-today.com78.99K408 047 3 0141.39
20 (18) thezimbabwean.co60.60K40 964 8 5561.67
20263chat.comN/A98 176 305 102N/A
21zimbojam.comN/A55 781 102 909N/A
22* 026 2 261N/A 343 8 078N/A
24techunzipped.comN/A23 123 2 792N/A
25pazimbabwe.comN/A9,229 215N/A 731 3 922N/A
273-mob.comN/A8 750 14 545N/A
28thefootballcult.comN/A7 082 526N/A 698 1 601N/A

New entries

There are two new entries in this list: Nehanda Radio and Zimbabwe Today. In the lists prior to this we had missed this entirely but fortunately one of the readers alerted us of these omissions in the comments section.

The reason why we missed quite a few and have been continuing to update this list is because it was a spontaneous list where we listed the entries we were thinking of from the top of our heads. So once again if we missed a site that is popular just get in the comments section and help us keep growing this list


Pages per visit have been steadily rising. Every entry – except the new entry of course- in the top 10 and almost throughout the entire list has seen the pages that viewers visit each time they are on the site rise. I’m not sure if this is because publishers are linking to other stories well in their articles or if its because the quality of journalism is rising, only readers can attest to that one.

Maybe’ it’s because of stories such as the legalization of Marijuana but that story was not covered on Techzim until recently but our views per visit also rose so it might not be that.


The statistics provided by similarweb (i.e. Monthly Visits and Pages/Visit ) are only estimates that can help inform readers that may want to advertise on these platforms but these are not the exact stats and if there are any errors for these stats it’s not on us. The statistics that we compile ourselves are in relation to Twitter followers and Facebook likes and if there is an error there, well, that’s on us.

[For the sites that have N/A under Total Visits and Pages/Visit, could not produce the required statistics. We proceeded to rank these using their popularity on Facebook. We chose FB over Twitter because it is used more widely in Zimbabwe and for most if not all sites on this list, their Facebook following is far larger than the corresponding Twitter fan base.]

Nehanda RadioStrive Masiyiwa

Nehanda Radio is a web based news publication which publishes on []. It was founded and is owned by United Kingdom based Zimbabwean journalist and entrepreneur, Lance Guma, who also serves as its editor. Read More About Nehanda Radio

Strive Masiyiwa (born 1961) is a Zimbabwean born entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is the founder and chairman of Econet Wireless International a global telecommunications group. In 2002, Masiyiwa made it to the Time Magazine List of Most Influential People, and in March 2014, he was... Read More About Strive Masiyiwa

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  1. Did FinGaz miss the list coz they have the worst teasers? I get they want to sell actual paper but eish, their website is currently just wasting cyber-real-estate.

    1. Loool not because of teasers or anything of that sort, just slipped our minds when we were compiling. Thanks for this, we’ll be adding them to the list

    1. Thanks for the feedback Tariro, we’ll defintely be adding that one to the list

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