WhatsApp Business For iphone Users To Be Launched Soon

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At the recent F8 Conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg highlighted the success of WhatsApp Business among small enterprises. He talked about the company’s plans to expand the users of the app.

Now as part of the growth plans, WhatsApp Business could soon be supported on iOS devices (Apple devices). Currently, the app is not supported on iOS but a pre-release edition has been shown on WhatApp’s blog, WABetaInfo. This suggests that WhatsApp is likely to be working on a version for iOS users.

The currently available version of the app does not contain many of the business-related features available on the Android version. The absence of these features, including Labels and Quick Replies, means that app is currently under development but not ready to be rolled out yet. The company was spotted testing the Greeting Message feature which is used to send a welcome message to any first-time customer.

But for now, there is no solid deadline for the development. But considering that the app lacks many features that the current Android version of WhatsApp Business has, we expect it to be a long time.

WhatsApp Business has been fairly successful among the Android crowd. But, amidst the data controversy that Facebook is dealing with, WhatsApp has assured users about privacy and encryption of messages.

It addressed business users specifically, assuring them that it does not read messages sent to businesses. But, it also stresses on the fact that multiple operators or parties might be able to see the message.


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