Passing Mathematics Just Got Easier For Students With This New Platform: Mathematica


Mathematics mathematics mathematics!!! We are always told how critical it is to pass mathematics in high school. In Zimbabwe particularly, failure to pass it could make life difficult for one to get a job (to some extent) or get a place at a higher tertiary education institution (to a greater extent).

Zimbabwe has bragging rights when it comes to literacy. We are one of the topmost ranked countries in the world when it comes to literacy rates. But when it comes to mathematics, a good number of Zimbabwean really suck. Year-on-year many Zimbabwean’s reseat to write mathematics. Some people even reseat as much as 3 times just to pass mathematics. 

But don’t worry Mathematica has got your back

Mathematica Smart Learning (Mathematica) is a registered Educational technology (Edu-Tech)  start-up which seeks to solve all O and A level related numerical problems through digital technologies. Mathematica was born out of the idea to help students to easily understand difficult concepts and make studying mathematics enjoyable, so to speak.


Mathematica seeks to address the need to understand mathematics by providing students with important information on tools that they are familiar with on a daily basis that is, the mobile phone and the computer

Why is passing mathematics so hard for many Zimbabweans?

According to Mathematica;

The main challenge with O-Level Maths is that the syllabus is very long which is done over two years starting from Form 3 up to Form 4. This means that for the student to pass they should be able to process and understand two years information for them to be able to pass their final examination. The main challenge students face with the subject is that it requires one to know all the concepts as the questions that are asked in the final examination need the student to think outside the box. Most students fail because of the attitude they have towards the subject which is usually negative. The “Maths is hard” mentality is usually the downfall of many as it results in them not investing time in understanding the subject as they feel defeated before they even write the subject. The other reason why students fail is that their rate of understanding as compared to other students may be slower than the others. In a class of 40 students the teacher might not have the time to cater for the needs of all students hence the slow learners might then not be able to understand the subject better.

What does Mathematica do

Mathematica Smart Learning offers up to date syllabuses, short concepts, question papers and detailed-answered past papers from 2000 up to date (over 120 past exam papers) . “The benefits of the Mathematics is the in-depth answering of the questions using a step by step process on how the student should think when faced with a familiar question in an examination”. 

Where can I get Mathematica?

Mathematica Smart Learning is available on 3 platforms, Android for mobile smartphones, windows version for students using their personal laptops/desktops and windows version for schools using their computer laboratories.

On Android, the application is compatible on Android version 4.02 to the latest version.

For schools who would want to purchase the application on behalf of their students, they can download from our website and install the application in their school computer labs. Students then just log in using the school account to access the information from the application.

Do you pay to use Mathematica?

Since Mathematica is saving you the expense of seating for mathematics for 2 or 3 times, you only need to dish out a meager $2 a month to access its resources.

And how do I pay?

In terms of payment for both the Android and Windows application, the platforms which are acceptable include Ecocash, Telecash, One Money, ZimSwitch, V-Payments and RTGs from all banks. Also, payment is not only limited to the person who seeks to use the application, someone else can pay on behalf of the user using the same payment platform.

Personally, I think this platform can really help students to pass mathematics because teachers hardly give many of the explanations nor teach skills required to answer the questions which are in Mathematica Let alone give hints and tips.


For more information about Mathematica, visit their website

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