ZOL Increases Pricing For Fibroniks Home And Business Packages

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In an email sent out earlier today, ZOL informed their customers that they will be increasing their prices for all their residential and business fibre packages.

The move comes as a surprise but ZOL are attributing the move to a tax that was added back in May of last year:

In our journey, we have continued to provide you with good service despite the economic challenges our country is facing. On the 24th of March 2017, the Finance Act (No.2) 2017, Section 312 (49) was amended by the Minister of Finance, wherein, an additional 5% special excise duty, specified as a Health Fund Levy resulted in an increase on the excise duty to 10% for airtime and data services.

As ZOL Zimbabwe, we have delayed passing this charge to you, our customers; since March 2017 when it was announced. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to disregard the effects of this excise duty on our overall service delivery making it necessary for us to adjust our prices accordingly.

In this regard, ZOL Zimbabwe has revised pricing of all Residential and Business Fibroniks Packages by an average of 5% effective 1 August 2018. The price adjustment is consistent with ZOL Zimbabwe’s continued efforts of improving the quality of our network and the network experience for our customers.

Here are the revised prices for ZOL fibre packages:

Residential Packages:
PackagesSpeedOld Prices-2017New Prices-2018Gigabytes (GB)
Fibroniks Lite10$29$3225
Basic Essentials10$39$4235
Family Essentials15$89$9575
Family Entertainment20$149$155Unlimited
Modern Family30$199$205Unlimited
Power Pack50$259$265Unlimited
Turbo Pack100$339$339Unlimited
Night Owl
Fibroniks Lite5$6$825
Basic Essentials5$8$1025
Family Essentials10$16$2025
Business Packages:
PackagesSpeedOld Price-2017New Price-2018Gigabytes (GB)
Micro Office5$175$185Unlimited
Small Office10$275$295Unlimited
Large Office30$725$755Unlimited
Data top-ups:
Gigabytes (GB)Old Price-2017New Price-2017


  1. Worried

    Total bull telone and powertel have not raised charges and infact is giving more data since 2017…I believe the regulator has to step in and time to cancel subs

    1. Situpeti

      I don’t understand how we get to attack the service provider when in actual fact its the government screwing us over. So many taxes and levies everywhere yet all these are simply passed to us the customers

      1. Worried

        Well the other service providers have all lower their prices or increased the bandwidth and they also have to pay this… Simple question why have they not increased

    2. Jose

      Telone have increased the unlimited bundle from $120 to $150

  2. James

    I thought POTRAZ announced a decrease in Data Prices as at yesterday, will this still apply?

    1. Charles Muzonzini

      That’s for out of bundle mobile data prices. Not fixed line internet.

      1. Cde. Rekai

        What about wibroniks which is not fixed line internet.

  3. Situpeti

    @FariM9 how far true is the special excise duty quoted by ZOL? And would you happen to have info as to why other ISP have not factored it in yet especially the government owned ones.

  4. jvjv

    I think it may be unfortunate for ZOL to blame the health levy fund for their price increases. Especially given that given that blood is now free in Zimbabwe because of this fund.

  5. Shirley Gonzales

    I believe the regulator has to step in and time to cancel subs Telone have increased the unlimited bundle from $120 to $150

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