UPDATED: ZOL Adds Flavour To Kwese Play: Netflix And Free Streaming For ZOL Subscribers

UPDATE: When we first got wind of this Netflix deal we were skeptical and we called ZOL to confirm. They did but this morning we were called by ZOL ‘correcting’ some parts of the deal. We still think it’s a sweet deal but here is the actual deal that’s on the table. Netflix will be availabe but your ZOL data will deplete when you stream Netflix.

We will leave the old article as it was:

Old Article

If you’re a ZOL customer you have probably received an email notifying you about the Kwese Play service you are probably itching to get more details concerning this service and how it works. This new product is a huge deal because there’s now an affordable way to be streaming all your video content.


If you buy the Kwese Play streaming device for $110 you’ll get access to Netflix, iflix and over a 100 streaming channels. For the first month you are not required to pay any subscription fee but afterwards, you’ll be paying $33 a month for the same channels. The most exciting part of this deal is that if you are an active ZOL subscriber, none of your data will be affected. This means if you’re on the $29 package you can still get unlimited streaming on the Kwese Play device! This is quite huge.

So what’s Kwese Play about?

The Kwese Play service is a set-top box that allows users to stream video content from the internet. For $33 users will get:

  • Netflix
  • Kwese TV
  • Redbull TV
  • TED
  • NBA TV
  • YouTube TV
Finally, an affordable route to Netflix…

The biggest question that has always made people cautious when it comes to streaming services is the fact that these services consume huge amounts of data. ZOL has figured out the solution to this problem. As long as you’re an active subscriber on any ZOL internet package you’ll be able to stream from the Kwese Play service at no extra cost. This means that none of your data will be consumed when you are using the Kwese Play service.

This is a great deal!

For ZOL users this is quite the deal for a number of reasons. Netflix is hugely popular but has been out of the reach of many of us precisely because most users couldn’t afford to have unlimited internet which is usually a prerequisite if you want to consume content on Netflix and similar services.

This package ensures that even if you are on the lowest package you’ll still be able to watch your programs without fear of interruption.

People complain about Kwese content…

Kwese’s $29 subscription has been viewed as lacking in content by many people but for just $33 you’ll be able to get those channels and the content on Netflix, Redbull TV and other services. That’s quite the deal if you ask me and if you were already a Kwese and ZOL subscriber I’m not sure if there’s still any reason to keep subscribing for the Kwese TV satellite.

Kwese Play Device
ZOL exclusive

If, however, you are in an area that doesn’t have ZOL yet then you may be out of luck since this deal is only available to ZOL subscribers. Due to the recently announced WiBroniks service, there’s a chance that you could become a subscriber on their LTE service but that’s quite costly.

Remembers WiBroniks…

During the WiBroniks launch, ZOL announced that the minimum speeds on all their packages and services would rise to 10Mbps. The speeds were probably raised in anticipation of the Kwese Play service. Adding HD streaming to your activities on the internet will require faster speeds and the previous 5Mbps on some packages would have ended up being inadequate

In conclusion…

As value-added services go, this is one of the most impressive attempts I’ve seen. With that said it’s best to save final verdict once we’ve actually seen the device and the service in action.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Kwese Play set-top box you can check out the review we had a few weeks back.

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  2. My question is whether that deal of paying 33 or $29 won’t be changed. Is this not a promotion and afterwards some exorbitant price is introduced

    1. Yah it will probably change – that’s why they make you buy the device for $110 for an older generation model when a current generation Roku is $30 in the US – knowing that you won’t just walk away that easily when the price hike inevitably comes.

  3. Obviously there r more charges ahead, netflix will need its dues of 12$ per month and so will youtube tv. With data being for free, its the best deal in town!

  4. Will it be affected by FUP… And will the price change over time my be a ploy to lure us in…I think a wait and see approach is better but at least it’s a positive step… Can techzim inquire about the FUP with one

    1. Well since the data is not supposed to be affected I believe it will not be affected by the Fair Usage Policy

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