Google Chrome’s “Heavy Page Capping” Will Alert You About Web Pages That Consume Lot Of Data

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Google Chrome has a very exciting new feature in the testing process to help users quickly find out which of the pages they access consume too much data. The feature is called, ‘Heavy Page Capping’ and it will be available on both computers and mobile phones.

Heavy Page Capping will warn users when they try and load a ‘heavy’ web page that requires more than 1MB. Google Chrome’s Heavy page Capping would display a notification warning the user that the web page they are loading consumes too much data (than their limit they set). And then the user will be provided with an option to stop the page from loading.

With this feature, you can set limit values for the data the web pages can consume ranging from 1MB to up to 15MB.

I know there are many of us who get easily frustrated when we visit a web page with ‘autoplay’ videos that consume data unexpectedly. In this regard, computer and phone users can have a lot of control over data consumption through this Google Chrome feature.

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  1. Cuthbert Mhlanga

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