ZESA Launches A Portal To Help Users Check Their ZESA Tokens Online


Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company has now added a section on their website to help users to check their most recently purchased electricity tokens online.


The token portal shows your last three purchases
What’s the point?

If you’re wondering what the point of such a service is then you’ve probably never been exposed to the anxiety caused by failing to receive a token once you’ve purchased a token using USSD. Knowing that there’s an alternative at hand, will ensure that you can rest easy whenever you’re purchasing a ZESA token via USSD.

You can access the token portal here.

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority Holdings is the country's biggest power producer and regulating company. It operates under the Ministry and Energy and Power Development and it runs a number of subsidiary companies with various specialities in power regulation and communications. Read More About Zesa

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  1. It’s been impossible to purchase Zesa anywhere of late due to the network that is continuously down.

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