Constitutional Court Dismisses MISA’s Application To Livestream Tomorrow’s Election Challenge, Says ZBC Has Sufficient Capacity To Broadcast

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Zimbabwe’s highest court, The Constitutional Court has ruled that Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) cannot livestream tomorrow’s court proceedings of the Presidential Election Challenge. The court was of the view that, the state-owned broadcaster, ZBC has enough capacity to publicise the court proceedings.


This comes after, MISA and one Bulawayo lawyer had made a urgent chamber application seeking permission to livestream the proceeding.

With this decision it means that its all left to ZBC only to broadcast the event. We just hope ZBC has what it takes to publicise the event otherwise some words of people who are skeptical of the state-owned broadcaster could be confirmed if it fails to broadcast up to standard.

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The Constitutional Court is the final court of appeals for all matters relating to the Constitution of Zimbabwe, and its decisions are binding on all other courts in Zimbabwe. It has the power to make the final decision on the constitutionality of an act of... Read More About Constitutional Court

Zimbabwe Broadcasting corporation is a state controlled broadcaster in Zimbabwe. Read More About ZBC

Bulawayo is Zimbabwe's second largest city. Its location was selected by the last Matebele king, King Lobengula. Bulawayo used to be one of the country's most attractive cities and a major transport hub for Southern Africa until Zimbabwe entered a period of economic depression in... Read More About Bulawayo

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4 thoughts on “Constitutional Court Dismisses MISA’s Application To Livestream Tomorrow’s Election Challenge, Says ZBC Has Sufficient Capacity To Broadcast

  1. if its only zbc feed, its obvious they can suppress the truth when debates get heated, very simple really ! when it gets heated and uncomfortable truths come out, you will see cartoons or some other rubbish on the live feed

  2. Those who watch will be tortured by those raucous, stupid prenews drums…when the going gets tough!!
    DeadBC has capacity? my foot…capacity to cheat, deceive & lie maybe.

    1. It’s already happening. I am watching a stupid boring segment about ruins from Buhera as the court has adjourned to rule on certain applications. Good God this is torture. Reminds me why ZBC is not on my favourite channels button.

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