Harare City Council Now Has An App That Allows You To Make Online Bill Payments And Lodge Complaints


Harare City Council has just introduced an app for people to make bill payments online. Besides making payments on the app, you can also report issues related to the council, advise the council or check the refuse collection schedule. But currently these three features dont seem to be working, thus only making payments is working.


For an institution known for being reluctant to quickly embrace emerging technologies, the introduction of this app allays some of our criticisms.


How to start using the app?

To start using the Harare City Council’s app you need to sign up. Information needed to sign up ranges from phone number to email adress to a password.

After installing the app from Google Playstore, you have to to click sign up and then you are redirected to another window where you start filling in your details.

What payment methods are supported on the app?

The app supports the Paynow platform and in it, comes four payment methods, which are;

  • Visa
  • EcoCash
  • ZimSwitch, both credit anddebit cards
  • Telecash

With this app, the City Council may indirectly urge residents to embrace Electronic billpaper as part of its drive to go paperless since bill payers will find it to be a seemeless process of receiving a bill online and instantly paying it up online.

You can download Harare City Council’s app on Google Playstore.Unfortunately its not yet available for IOS users.

Harare City CouncilEcoCashZimSwitch

The Harare City Council is an administrative body tasked with providing services for residence of Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe. Among other duties, the council is responsible for providing clean drinking water, housing and accomodation, refuse collection facilities and health services. Read More About Harare City Council

EcoCash is a mobile money transfer facility which is run by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe. The facility has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception and is arguably the largest mobile money transfer agent considering the huge sums of transactions that the platform is said... Read More About EcoCash

ZimSwitch is a payments technology company in Zimbabwe. It was founded in 1994 through a collaboration of several banks in Zimbabwe. The core service ZimSwitch provides is interoperability between the different financial services in Zimbabwe, allowing customers of one financial institution to transact with and... Read More About ZimSwitch

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