POTRAZ Attended To 50% Fewer Customer Complaints Last Year: Here Is A List Of Complaints Customers Lodged

You may think that the complaints we lodge to our service providers go unheeded by the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ. Actually, I was surprised that they include statistics about customer complaints in their financial statements. It somewhat shows how much it cares about the wellbeing of customers, so to speak, when using Information and Communications Technology. For those who are in the dark, you can ask POTRAZ to help you with a complaint to your respective service provider, thats after your service provider fails to help you. (Read: Unhappy With Quality Of Service From Your Telecoms Service Provider? Here’s The Complaints Procedure)

In its latest financial statements report for 2017, POTRAZ recorded a decline in customer complaints it attended to, from 41 (in 2016) to 22 (in 2017). The reason why I’m interested in talking about this is because I want you to know that you can lodge virtually any type of complaint for POTRAZ to assist you in getting your issue resolved. Here are the complaints customers lodged in 2017;

Nature of complaint and date
Respondent Operator /
Complaint Resolution Status
Poor Quality of Service in Hwedza – 17
January 2017.
NetOneNetOne was directed to improve Quality of
Service and abide by the Quality of Service
Ecocash API application – 18 January
EconetResolved. Econet engaged the consumer and
the issue was resolved.
Ecocash failed transaction resulting in
$46.78 deduction - 22 January 2017.
EconetReferred to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
(RBZ). Resolved.
Premature disconnection of 15GB
of which only 11GB were used – 13
January 2017.
ZolResolved. ZOL compensated the consumer.
Double charging of ADSL account via
Ecocash Lucky Mbira – 24 February
EconetResolved. Transaction reversed.
POTRAZ Toll free number not working –
February 2017.
TelOne, POTRAZResolved. TelOne attended to the switchboard.
Failed Ecocash ZESA payment, $5
debited – 10 February 2017.
EconetResolved. The $5 token was credited.
Billing complaint – 28 April 2017.PowertelResolved. Powertel presented detailed billing
statement with no anomalies. The complainant
was appraised.
Anti-competitive practices – 3 May 2017.EconetExplanation received from Econet and
complainant was appraised.
Data bundle expiry – 26 May 2017.EconetResolved. It was explained that the one- week
expiry is only a window period. The bundles
can be exhausted before a week depending on
Poor Service at Econet Call Centre.EconetResolved. Econet engaged with customer.
Loss of $500.00 Ecocash transaction –
7 April 2017
EconetThe customer reported the case to the police.
Failed Ecocash $2 airtime transaction –
8 June 2017
EconetResolved. The case was forwarded to RBZ who
said they resolved the case.
Slow Internet speed – 2 July 2017PowertelResolved. The customer was reassigned to another
IP pool.
Complaint on update of domain registration
– 21 July 2017
TeloneResolved the case of domain registration satisfactorily.
Loss of airtime via voice mail – 7 August
EconetEconet resolved the complaint
ZESA token Ecocash refund – 24 August
EconetThe case was referred to RBZ. The complainant
was refunded.
Erroneous Ecocash transfer ($1) – 9
November 2017
EconetCase referred to RBZ. Refund done.
Erroneous Ecocash ZINARA Tollgate account
payment – 9 November 2017.
EconetCase referred to RBZ. Transaction revisited and
Call Centre not accessible – 9 November
EconetThe complaint was raised with Econet and they
advised that they are introducing a web self-care,
and trouble ticketing system to improve accessibility.
Query on the justification for the expiry of
data – 23 November 2017.
All telecommunications operators
that offer data services
The consumer was advised that data bundles have
window periods to enable operators to plan and
manage telecommunications networks.
Unsuccessful Ecocash bank to wallet
transfer – 29 November 2017.
EconetReferred to Econet and RBZ.





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