ZESA System Down Until Further Notice, Don’t Buy Tokens Until The Issues Are Resolved

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Since as far back as Friday, customers have been having problems buying ZESA (electricity) tokens. Regardless of the platform, it seems buying a token is not possible right now.

Internally, a colleague initially tried to purchase their electricity using EcoCash as far back as Monday but his attempts were futile. Yesterday, he resorted to buying using Paynow and after getting a voucher, he still couldn’t redeem the token.

the Paynow voucher

After failing to redeem the token, Paynow referred our colleague to Powertel as they were the ones facing challenges with their system. Powertel’s response was to encourage him to keep trying. This is crazy because to keep trying to redeem the voucher you have to text at a cost of 5c per text.

EcoCash has released a statement and they are pointing the finger at ZETDC(Zimbabwe Electricity Distribution Company) and ZESA:

Dear Valued Customer

We apologise for service disruptions you may be experiencing in trying to purchase tokens. The ZESA token purchase system is currently down and ZETDC team are working to resolve the technical challenge. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may have caused you and we will inform you as soon as normal service is restored.

One of the EcoCash error messages being shown

There will be those who will point fingers at EcoCash as they have had a number of disturbances over the past few months but in this case, the blame lies elsewhere. It seems

At the time of writing were yet to reach Mr Fullard Gwasira Рthe Group Stakeholder Relations Manager at ZESA Holdings- who handles PR. We are not sure when the system challenges will be resolved but it would be wise to steer clear from trying to purchase ZESA tokens until the challenges are actually dealt with.


  1. Garikai Dzoma

    You call them system challenges I call it incompetence. This nonsense has been on the rise as poorly designed systems are now being found out. Corrupt practices of issuing tenders to incapable people coming home to roost.

  2. Anonymous

    So how do we get zesa for our meters please?

  3. Sagitarr

    Spot on Garikai – incompetence. Those at the top do not have the technical skills to supervise those reporting to them, who in turn spend more time “busy, trying to work” and getting paid for it….
    I long for the Electricity Supply Commission – very efficient. Electricity would go off roughly once every quarter and one hardly noticed it……down for maintenance and relevant notices plublished well in advance.

  4. Norma Keatleh

    1. Please give a date when we can purchase fresh tokens.
    2.Please stop using the word “challenges”when you really are covering up inefficiency.
    A) Inefficiency takes in zesa’s inability to repair meters.
    B) Not allowing any other company or qualified electrician to try to fix non-functioning meters,.
    C) Having no spare meters.
    D) Being constantly off line when customers need to buy tokens from accredited outlets.

    1. Asante Teswa (@Madziyainno)

      that link has since been removed

  5. Anonymous


    I just purchased my token using that link

  6. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    You guys should also update folks when the system is up. It’s been up since yesterday.

    You said don’t buy tokens till further notice, and failed to make the further notification.

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Hey, Steward Bank actually put out a notice advising people not to pay using their system. I guess for some people and for some it still isn’t but for those saying “it’s up since yesterday” those might be isolated incidents.

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