Afrodigital To Host Bootcamp To Help You Boost Your Business’ Online Presence

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So you’ve probably heard this before; “If you are a business owner and you’re not online you need to get online ASAP!!” That or some variant of the statement. And though it has been said seemingly enough times, it still holds true. With competition being cutthroat having an online presence (or not having one) could be the difference maker when it comes to landing customers.

With that said…

Afrodigital is hosting the Google for Business Bootcamp. The boot camp is meant to help marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs to maximise the reach of their businesses. Discussions will be held on SEO (Search engine optimization) which if you haven’t heard is very critical if you’re serious about having an online presence. Search Engine Optimization influences where your site ranks in Google searches and if you’ve used Google Search you’ve probably noticed that you tend to trust the sites ranked higher. If you want to be one of these sites, then you have to know what you can do to get there.

Apart from SEO, the Afrodigital’s Bootcamp will also cover AdWords, Google My Business and Google Analytics. This talks will familiarise you with how you can get your business on Google Maps, how to make revenue via advertising and also tracking statistics once you’ve gone online. It’s safe to say this will be an interesting event and if your business has minimal to no online presence then this will be a good way to dip your toes in those waters.

Pricing & Details

The Bootcamp will be held over two days; 18 and 19 October at Gecko Gardens (Harare). Interested parties can attend both days or one day with the 2-day pass costing $150 whilst one day will set you back $100. On both days the Bootcamp will start at 9 AM and end at 3 PM.

If you’re interested you can send an email to or call 0775816121/0773943445

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