Here’s A Full List Of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Post-Election Cabinet Ministers

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President Emmerson Mnangagwa today announced a new 20-member Cabinet. He also appointed deputy ministers and 10 provincial affairs ministers. The appointments were made in terms of Section 104 (1) of the Constitution.

Here is a list of the appointments:


  • Ministry of Finance -Thuli ncube
  • Ministry of Defence & War Veterans- Hon Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri
  • Ministry of Mines and Mining Development– Hon Winston Chitando
  • Local Government, Public Works and National Housing – Hon July Moyo
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade– Hon Sibusiso Moyo
  • Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare – Hon Sekesai Nzenza
  • Ministry of Industry and Commerce –Hon Mhangaliso Ndlovu
  • Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage – Hon Cain Matema
  • Ministry of Higher & Tertiary Education – Hon Amon Murwira
  • Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education – Hon Paul Mavhima
  • Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate and Rural Resettlement – Hon Perrence Shiri
  • Ministry of Energy and Power Development – Hon Joram Gumbo
  • Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development – Hon Joel Matiza
  • Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services – Hon Monica Mutsvangwa
  • Ministry of Information Communication Technology & Courier Services – Hon Kazembe Kazembe
  • Ministry of Environment Tourism and Hospitality Industry – Hon Priscah Mupfumira
  • Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation – Hon Kirsty Coventry
  • Ministry of Health and Child Care – Hon Obadiah Moyo
  • Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs – Hon Ziyambi Ziyambi
  • Ministry of Women Affairs, Community Small and Medium Enterprise Development – Hon GSithembiso G Nyoni

Deputy Ministers

  • Ministry of Defence & War Veterans: Hon Victor Matemadanda
  • Local Government, Public Works and National Housing – Hon Jennifer Mhlanga
  • Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare – Hon Lovemore Matuke
  • Ministry of Industry and Commerce – Hon R Modi
  • Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage – Hon Michael Madiro
  • Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education – Hon Edgar Moyo
  • Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate and Rural Resettlement – Hon Douglass Karoro, Hon Vangelis Haritatos
  • Ministry of Mines and Mining Development – Hon Polite Kambamura
  • Ministry of Energy and Power Development – Hon Magna Mudyiwa
  • Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development – Hon Fortune Chasi
  • Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services: Hon Energy Mutodi
  • Ministry of Information Communication Technology & Courier Services – Hon Jerifan Muswere
  • Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation – Hon Yeukai Simbanegavi


  • Harare – TBA
  • Bulawayo – Hon. Judith Ncube
  • Mashonaland West – Hon. Mary Mliswa
  • Mashonaland East – Hon. Apollonia Muneverengi
  • Mashonaland Central – Hon. Monica Mavhunga
  • Manicaland – Hon Ellen Gwaradzimba
  • Midlands – Hon. Larry Mavima
  • Masvingo – Hon. Ezra Chadzamira
  • Matabeleland South – Hon. Abednico Ncube
  • Matabeleland North – Hon. Richard Moyo


  • Hon. Vice President General (Rtd) C.G.D.N. Chiwenga’s Office – Hon. Evelyn Ndlovu
  •  Vice President K.C.D. Mohadi’s Office – Hon. Davis Marapira

You can also check out the list of former Ministers who were dropped in the President’s New Cabinet


  1. Washie Mwanawashe

    I must say this looks like the best cabinet Zimbabwe has had in many years. Mthuli, yes Mthuli Ncube my favorite and with no doubt Kirsty makoti pfee panyanga.

  2. TOKAZ

    Boe Mdara ED………We look forward to positive results!

  3. Anonymous


  4. Phibian Mashingaidze

    Some PERSONAL THOUGHTS Following NEW Cabinet !
    This is like new paint on an old building. As long as ZIMRA continues to steal from returning Residents bringing cars home and charging USD500 unreceipted funds on small cars and USD3000 on expensive cars the new cabinet cannot do anything. He must throw out all the old corrupt guard across all public entities and put new blood then we can have hope. We need a new currency not bonds.. USD must be available but in the Reserve Bank , corruption free commercial banks , Corruption free Bureau De change and all this currency brokers must go. Zimbabwe is the only country with a black market that runs the country. Mthuli Ncube has tough task ahead. Those of us who have our forex from outside are unable to withdraw our monies here. Tourists get robbed because they pay more in USD when they use a VISA or Mastercard … all these distortions must go and go for good. The Police must be cleaned up to do their job of piling the country, We need a new team across the country’s public enterprises. Do we need so many embassies no we downgrade some to trade missions and we can have 1 embassy covering 2 or 3 countries.

    Zimbabwe needs new provincial government legislation to create autonomous provincial structure as part of the new sphere of government . We don’t know what these Provincial Governors do.. A new legislation that defines provincial sphere of government that creates a Provincial Legislature and structure with provincial governance structure , decentralised revenue mandates and local government grant system that allocates national resources to each provincial structure. Its not enough to appoint ministers we need reallocate land , reallocate all the mineral resources some of the big guys inside and outside government in the private used indigenisation to enrich themselves the same way President ED Pfee said one man/woman one farm must be rolled out to the rest of the economy
    1. One family one farm
    2. One family one mine ( providing we define a maximum threshold of shareholding ) . We are aware of large stakes which have been allocated to politicians and military men and some of these have just handed over a whole Dyke / mineral resource to Russia on the pretext of Zimbabwe is open for business.
    3. Diamonds ( we need an international investigation to establish the what where ) how much was looted, who looted it and put a complete stop to the looting. Military run companies and operations must be handed over to the government and be accountable.
    4. Environmental Management . The country has undergone massive destruction and environmental degradation. Zimbabwe is too big for EMA to be yep yelping that they are controlling the management of the environment. We need clear [environmental policies that can be decentralised to provinces and Rural District councils. Chiefs and headman have been allocating land cutting down trees and placing humans in water basins river basis. Nyanja is an example where all the pines which have sprouted omn roadsides and on state land not under Forestry Commission have been harvested and sold for profit.
    5. Police : must be cleaned up restructured and professionalised. The police have become patronised. The history is known
    6. ZINARA: we have to discuss the issue of toll fees which have been such a burden on vehicle owners. Do we need ZINARA in its present form. The answer is no.. Look at parastatals which are top heavy and getting. Research Council of Zimbabwe looks like a varsity .. why must they be producing seed which can be produced by private sector companies
    7. National Airline .. No more experiments .. we must allow a private operator even with government ,minority shareholding a national airliner can still be a flag carrier. Allow small airlines to operate domestically
    8. Internet Zimbabwe remains one of the countries with the weakest internet. The Cellphone companies get license on the promise that they would cover the entire country yet they have to choose where they want to put their network. This is a growth area as long the new ministers and their teams are prepared to look for the best people the best experts not relatives not friends.
    9. Dr or Prof Murwira and his colleagues must set standards and enforce standards for operation of private schools and colleges and ensure that the highest standds in delivery of education re being observed.
    Foreign Direct Investment is ill defined .. it must not just be Chinese Russian Canadian Arabic and whoever claims claims to have big money. We are busy importing Brazilian Chicken Sugar and whatever we consume. The cost of running a chicken breeding business in the rural areas is very low . USD25000 not bonds is enough to setup a full functional chicken business. The Zimbabwe government must define a threshold amount for citizens who have earned their money to bring new assets to invest locally in thresholds of USD20000 – 100000 to invest in functional productive business. These people are many and run into thousands and they can breed enough chicken and make Zimbabwe fully self sufficient in agricultural products. So Mr President you have been making trips all over wooing large investors .. your team must craft a framework to encourage Zimbabweans to return home and invest their moneys. Mr President Sir these are people whose money is being chewed preyed upon by ZIMRA official as they return ,, you need to create a window w a one stop shop for these potential investors to bring home their assets new assets and to invest. During the operation of the indigenisation policy there are many companies which were seized and emptied or stripped of their assets . You know all this. If there are Ministers who have grabbed large investment grade companies please .. its my view the should resign from public offices to run those companies or learn how to run those companies full-time . There are also ministers officials who own large farms and indeed commercial grade farms we ask that you give them a choice to either release their farms or resign to go and run and manage these farms as part of Command Agriculture.
    10 Public Transport is something that needs urgent attention. Zimbabwe needs new road and railway infrastructure and air transportation master plan. Zimbabweans have been using the USD to import vehicles because public transport is enither not safe or inconvenient. In the short term we have revenue coming through duty ( and some of that money is going into the pockets of corrupt ZI MRA officials ). South Africa used the World Cup to upgrade its transport infrastructure. The current infrastructure setup which Zimbabwe has found itself in is a result of neglected policy intervention and failure by previous governments to establish a public transport system that promotes economic growth and modernisation.

    While it is a good start to see Government downsized we are asking that your government develop a new modus operandi to develop short term and medium term policies restructure business processes for government particularly for those who are client facing public facing and provided licensing approvals etc to members of the public.

    Food for Thought !

    1. Mwana wevhu

      Well said, that’s the kind of people we expect in our country, with productive and mature contributions.

  5. Maingishe MAereka

    To whom IT May concern

    We are waiting to See the Key Performance Indicators for each of the Ministers and sectors ! Quarterly Targets and Quarterly Reports must become part of the Standard. We have a chance to study our neighbours South Africa and other smaller countries that have progressed through a robust performance Management System

  6. Maungwa Greatname

    I this this could be a good nomination Mr President, The way you nominated your cabinet ministers is just as good as per your wishes and everyone’s thoughts..We are looking for Zimbabwe we want when we put Xs against your name,,ED PFEEEEEE,,what is only important is team work and unity,so as to have the Zimbabwe we want

    Thank you ED Munangagwa,,we are looking forward to your spirit of positivity…


  7. Joe Muzambi

    pamwe zvingachinje pasina mbavha dzinenge vana Chiyangwa

    1. mrambwi

      on the point Mr President,do no hesitate the wild the axe on non performing ministers,performance reviews are also most welcome .

  8. prosper

    We are really happy for the new cabinet and we look forward to a prosperous economy and revitalization of government entities…i am behind you ED and following all your developments and also happy about kirsty coventry , which is a perfect appointment.

  9. Michael Hungwe

    Excellent appointments Mr President. I applaud you for your good vision and plan for this great nation of ours. May the good lord Jesus Christ guide you in steering this country to prosperity.

  10. Nkosikhona

    its Prof Mthuli Ncube not Thuli …by the way

  11. Nkosikhona

    Plus the minister of Industry and Commerce is Hon Mangaliso Ndlovu not Mhangaliso

  12. Anonymous

    Professionalism and Respect is the way forward

    Prof Mthuli Ncube not thuli
    Mangaliso Ndlovu not Mhangaliso
    Cain Mathema not Kane Matema

  13. Peter Pombo

    A wise cabinet

  14. changa

    a wise one indeed

  15. Anonymous

    Well let’s wait and see….

  16. Sagitarr

    As long as there is no change to the mainstream Zanu PF mindset, hapana hapana. The perm secs also need to be “renewed”, they oversee policy implementation etc and can kill productive national projects due to prejudice, ignorance etc
    Being a skeptic, I’m not celebrating (yet) and I still feel there’s something missing….or amiss…who controls the national purse strings?

  17. Anonymous

    rubbish as long ZANUPF is in power nthing wll chnge