Vehicle Tracking Systems Comparison: Econet ConnectedCar Vs PowerTrack

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Internet of things (IoT) is one of the current buzzwords doing the rounds. One of the biggest problems the logistics industry faces is the tracking of a fleet. With vehicle tracking solutions powered by IoT devices, a vehicle tracking system (VTS) is not only implementable but also economical.

The technology is still evolving and spreading, and as VTS providers find many use cases, IoT will turn out to be the lifeline of the fleet management industry. In that respect, I set out to compare which of the two known brands in VTS in Zimbabwe, Econet ConnectedCar and PowerTrack, offers the most attractive package. Alas, I figured out that the brands both offer similar VTS capabilities but you might as well get acquainted with what they offer

CapabilitiesPowerTrackEconet ConnectedCar
Real Time Vehicle TrackingYesYes
Driver Behavior monitoring YesYes
Geo Fencing/ The vehicle’s location in an areaYesYes
Trip Summary ReportsYesYes
Panic ButtonYesYes
Multiple Driver Identification (knowing which driver is driving)YesYes
Monitor car over a smartphoneYesYes

On face value, I’m sure price comparison is the one thing that draws a line between the two brands in VTS but sadly PowerTrack didn’t respond my calls to tell me what they charge from the initial installation to monthly subscriptions. Anyway, Econet ConnectedCar charges $50 installation fee and $20 monthly subscription.


  1. Sagitarr

    If you search for “vehicle tracking systems in zimbabwe” you will find more information including some companies with more than 15 years in this business. It is from these that you can get information with some depth on vehicle tracking because they have been at it longer.

  2. Tichaona Tembani

    This article has a serious bias to Econet so are other articles from this platform m worried that this is becoming more of an Econet marketing platform

  3. Sly McArthur

    Both of these companies are VERY expensive. Their subscriptions are WAY to high for the present environment.

  4. Anonymous

    Comparison is too shallow. An adequate comparison would involve physically testing the actual system for things like
    -accuracy during cloud cover,
    -connectivity in bad weather
    -effectiveness of stock antennae
    -battery life during sleep and / or real time tracking,
    – resistance to weather elements (crash and water resistance test),
    -ease of installation
    – securenes i.e whether one can easily uninstall the device or block it’s signal.

    So far your article is a lazy job

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