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Xiaomi AX3000 Mesh router. A stealthy box with no unsightly antennae

I really like the stealthy look on this one. This is the Xiaomi AX3000 mesh router and I guess the highlight of this one is that so far it is the only router with no antennae protruding out of it. It’s just a box. A stealthy-looking box. So it’s called a mesh router because it […]

Xiaomi AX1800 review. A more sensible-looking router.

The last time I reviewed a router it was a batman alien spaceship-looking thing. But that one was just a lot. So here is something more sensible. It’s the Xiaomi AX1800 and just like last time the nerdy name speaks to its technology and performance. It’s a Wifi 6 capable router hence the AX and […]

5G is terrible right now. But it has a very useful and exciting future

5G is the current and most advanced mobile communication method right now. It’s been here for quite some time and in Zimbabwe, it was introduced by Econet beginning of 2022. But the world over, 5G has not been performing as well as advertised. The kinds of speeds being promised are over 1Gbps and yet during […]

Apple’s iMessage not bothering with RCS. Android brings iMessage support to Google Messages instead.

“I don’t hear our users asking that we put a lot of energy in on that at this point,” Cook said when asked how Apple founder Steve Jobs would feel about using the RCS standard in iMessage during Vox Media’s Code 2022 event on Wednesday night. Instead, Cook said, “I would love to convert you […]

Aruba HPE and Solution Centre partner up for one of the safest IT solutions on the market

So IT is in an exciting phase right now. When we look at the transition of a lot of businesses from paper-based systems to digital systems you’ll see a lot is going on in that space. And as soon as data goes digital, we start to get networks that enable us to access and use […]

Swedish engineering firm opens technology centre in Harare

Swedish multinational engineering company Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions has opened a Technology Centre in Harare. The facility is there to assist Zimbabwe’s mining industry as it embarks on a digital future. The Sandvik Centre has reportedly already begun operations, working with technology-focused companies in underground rock mines to raise productivity. “Our starting point was […]

How big can this car tracking service be for TelOne?

TelOne held a launch event for their car tracking service Teltrack. The event was attended by representatives from the Ministry of ICT, Car Track and various motoring associations. The launch of this service got us thinking about how big this opportunity could be for TelOne. At the launch event, there was a lot of talk […]

Details emerge suggesting Zim’s National Data Centre will be used for surveillance

Remember the National Data Centre? Last November, Mthuli Ncube said that project was almost complete and whilst the project is yet to see the light of day more details regarding how the data centre will be used have emerged. An all seeing eye A report in The Standard noted that the National Data Centre will […]

African Data Science Platform Hosting US$8 000 Competition In Partnership With Microsoft

We’ve written about Zindi before, the platform puts up AI/Data science problems that they pay African’s for solving. It’s quite the platform and if you’re an AI professional (or fanatic), it’s something you need to closely follow. The platform has partnered with Microsoft and Wazihub to advance the use of tech for agricultural resilience and […]

Vandalism Forces ZESA To Install Geo-tracking Sensors And Cameras On Transformers

ZESA has decided to install sensors and cameras so as to curb the rampant vandalism of its infrastructure. About this development, ZESA Enterprises Burutsa Mandipezano said: We want to support the Government by ensuring that every transformer in the country will have a tracking chip that can be tracked if a transformer is stolen. We […]

Harare City Council To Deploy Drones

When it comes to embracing tech, the Harare City Council has been saying all the right things. Last year they announced a few interesting tech-based initiatives; Traffic cameras coming to the CBD by 2019 An app for citizens to pay bills and lodge complaints The Council decided to go paperless Councilors demanding iPads! Ok maybe […]

Zim Government’s Stance On Internet Shutdowns Might Mean That Smart Cities Never Materialise

On January 30, 2019 Geroge Charamba -The President’s Spokesperson- said: Let’s not over dramatise. Investors don’t need the internet when they come to Zimbabwe. They just need peace. On the same day in an interview published by the Newsday, Energy Mutodi -Deputy Minister of Information- said: The Internet shutdown was not illegal as such. The […]

Econet Partnering With City Council To Turn First Street Into A Smart City

So there’s been a lot of discussion surrounding smart cities. Most of the times these discussions are had, I tend to be very sceptical because over the last few years ‘smart’ has basically become a marketing term that doesn’t really mean much. Even Cerevita boxes claim to have ‘smart grains’ in the cereal and because […]

Vehicle Tracking Systems Comparison: Econet ConnectedCar Vs PowerTrack

Internet of things (IoT) is one of the current buzzwords doing the rounds. One of the biggest problems the logistics industry faces is the tracking of a fleet. With vehicle tracking solutions powered by IoT devices, a vehicle tracking system (VTS) is not only implementable but also economical. The technology is still evolving and spreading, and […]

Everyday Banking For Everyday People It Is.

“Everyday Banking for everyday people” is the Steward bank tagline that has caught our attention simply because Steward Bank has indeed become an everyday bank for everyone. How? How has Steward Bank become an everyday bank you may want to know? The answer is so simple apart from all products Steward Bank is offering the […]

Liquid Telecom Partners With Large IoT Solutions Provider With Aim To Cover 85% Of Kenya

Liquid Telecom is partnering with Sigfox –who provides IoT services in over 40 countries- to provide Internet of Things infrastructure in most areas within the country. This is the first deal of it’s kind in central and eastern Africa and a big plus for Kenya who are constantly making strides in ICT related fields. In […]

Give Yourself Peace Of Mind By Keeping Track Of Your Loved Ones, Car And Things

Last Wednesday was a dark and distressing day for a lot of people. One of our neighbours had children who were attending a birthday party across town. When news of violence and shots fired hit social media they went down in throes of anxiety as they tried to call them and their phones went unanswered. […]

Who’s Watching Your Kids And Your Home While You’re At Work? Best You Do It Yourself, Here’s How

I am sure you have seen at least one of those videos, the ones of child minders abusing the kids they are supposed to take care of. I cringed when I saw one and I wondered why people would share such. Recently though I came to know of a story that made me think maybe […]

Econet To Roll Out Uber-Like Service Through Cumii

It seems Econet subsidiary Cumii will be introducing their very own ride-hailing service in the coming months. If you are not familiar with what we are referring to when we talk about ride-hailing, then think of services such as Uber or Lyft. Locally, we have G-Taxi, SmartGo, and ImotaCars (I hope I haven’t skipped anyone […]

Future Picture: Why Zimbabwe Will Need The Internet Of Things

I would like to share the story of why and how I built my first internet of things device. All interesting stories start with failure and frustration , my story begins at ZOL Surge startup challenge. I arrived with a pitch to build a network of sensors that would monitor and alert residents of ongoing […]

Get This Temperature Humidity Sensor From Cafago For Only $12.60, Uhmm Who Cares About Such?

As winter continues to bite I know some days are colder than others but sometimes you need to put a figure to the adjective. Normally I rely on Weather Underground and Google to tell me this but here is the problem, both services give me the weather for the area which might or might not […]

Econet Diversifies Into Drones Through Cumii, Interesting

It seems Econet is diversifying their IoT platform to also include drone services. Through their subsidiary, Cumii, they are venturing into offering drone services in different sectors. Cumii is a subsidiary of Econet Global and they focus on IoT solutions in various industries. They focus on various industries including connected health, connected assets (e.g. cars) […]

Developers Are An Important Part Of The Data Science And Smart Cities Conversation In Zimbabwe: Thoughts After The FB Developer Circle Meetup

So the last time the Harare Facebook Developer Circle held a meetup, it was an artificial intelligence masterclass and well as the name says it was a bit too technical even for the seasoned developers who attended. Now, the meetup held today at Impact Hub catered for everyone regardless of skill level. The meetup was […]

Ever wondered how Internet of Things can be used in Africa? Here are some insights.

Internet of Things has become big in 1st world countries but when we come to Africa, it’s a whole different discussion. Most people would think of a toaster connected to the Internet that knows when to make the toast upon receiving instructions. However, such connected devices and good examples of IoT do not necessarily prove […]