Seedco’s New App Is Probably The Best App For Agriculture In Zimbabwe Right Now

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Agriculture professionals are working smarter, not harder, than ever before. Smart farming technologies have enabled them to reduce costs, maximize yields and profits, and still be incredibly efficient in the process. And there is perhaps a no better example of smart farming than with the mobile app.

An app by Seedco is just what Zim farmers need to work smarter. Seedco’s Agronomy app has an array of services which I thought to be useful for farmers.

What the app offers

Information about various crops

The Seedco Agronomy app give detailed information about crops seeds that range from maize to wheat to soya to sugar beans to soya. What kind of information? The Agronomy app lists and gives short but delayed information about different types of seeds and their benefits. For instance, on the maize seed, there are over 10 types of seeds along with useful information about the optimum conditions for each type to thrive.

The Growers Guide

This is perhaps the best feature in the Seedco Agronomy app. Growers guide is, in a nutshell, a library. You find information about how to grow various crops, various insects that attack crops, various diseases, planting time, application of fertilizer and manure. You can manage your farm from the app with this feature.

Depot locations

After you harvest, you need not have a headache to know where to take your crops. The Seedco Agronomy app list all the depots in Zimbabwe for your ease.

Yield Forecasting Calculator and others

Okay wait, before you even harvest, you need to calculate the probable yield of your farming activities.  The Agronomy app comes with a Yield Forecasting Calculator that enables you to forecast the harvest that you will likely get. Besides the Forecasting Calculator, the Seedco Agronomy app gives you access to Yield Correction to moisture content Calculator and the population Density Calculator.

Pests and Diseases

Talk about Bacterial Stalk Rot, Fall Armyworm, Aspergillus Ear Rot etc., this Agronomy app has information about many diseases. The symptoms and the remedies of the diseases are all transcribed in this app.

Weather Forecasts

If you miss watching the weather on the 8 o’clock news, the Seedco Agronomy app will have you sorted out. The app gives you weather forecasts for 5 days, which gives you time to make decisions for your farming activities. You don’t want the fertilizer to be washed away just after you finish putting it.


You can download the app by clicking this link.


  1. TheBoSs

    Why don’t they put it in local language, for much understanding

  2. Anonymous

    do we have one for mombe or livestock in general?

    1. Anonymous

      Check out the Kurima Mari app. Its also got info on cows and other livestock

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