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You Can Now Send Stickers On WhatsApp

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WhatsApp’s development cycle is always crazy!! The IM is constantly getting new features and just recently we heard of the incoming biometric features they’ll be adding and also a dark mode that might follow. Though these features aren’t out the gate yet, one new feature that is out of the gate right now is the sticker integration.

Yep, some users can now send each other stickers just like you do with GIFS and emojis. I’m not entirely sure if this is now available to all users or just beta testers but it’s a pretty sweet feature that will make your chats a tad more interesting…

So how do you actually get to send someone a sticker? Well, that’s not too difficult either:

1) Click on the emojis icon
2) …then the new sticker icon

The stickers in all their glory!

Voila! This new feature isn’t a first and those of you who have been using Telegram or even Facebook Messenger will probably be accustomed to stickers by now. WhatsApp is obviously bigger than both of those platforms and it’s cheaper so chances are

Will you be able to send stickers using bundles?

I like sending GIFs…I like it a lot. But one thing I quickly noticed was that you can’t really search for GIFs like you would search for emojis if you’re using Econet’s WhatsApp bundles. Fortunately, stickers will kind of work like emojis which means once you have downloaded a sticker set to your phone you’ll be able to send it, even on those bundles. You can even download new stickers on those same bundles.

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15 thoughts on “You Can Now Send Stickers On WhatsApp

  1. Development Cycle is crazy?? What planet are you on? Check out the change log for Telegram messager then come back and tell me about crazy.

    All these features coming to WA, has existed years ago on Telegram .

    1. You can sign up to become a beta tester if you go up to the WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business page in Google play

  2. Process to use Telegram Stickers on WhatsApp by Using

    Download Stickers in webp format and Unzip them and Move them to Single Folder in Your Phone.

    Then Download & install Personal stickers for WhatsApp App

    Download Link:-

    Then Just hit Add. Now Check Your Stickers tab on WhatsApp you will see Your Stickers There.

    Whatsapp Has So many restrictions on Stickers and you will had to install 3rd Party App to add stickers. So
    Telegram is Best messenger App Forever.

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