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Parents, Worry Not. EMAP Is Coming Back Online On The 5th Of November And You Can Apply For Your Child’s Boarding School

So we’ve been getting a lot of enquiries regarding the Ministry of Education’s platform to apply for school places online. A lot of people are worried about whether or not that platform is still alive. If you are a parent I’m here to hold your hand and tell you not to worry. eMAP will be back online on Monday the 5th of November and it will be operational until the 21st of December.

For those who are not in-the-know, eMAP is an online platform that allows you to apply for a form one place in Zimbabwe. The platform is meant to make the application process much easier and to remove limitations such as geography. The platform is also meant to remove corruption by limiting direct interaction between parents and the administration.

Apparently, there has been a message circulating on WhatsApp stating that eMAP is no longer functional and in our communications with the Ministry of Education  they let us know that the message was not coming from them and there was no truth to it.

Right now if you try to access the eMAP website to apply for a form one place, you’ll get an error message but the Ministry informed us that the site was down because they were working on some things and come Monday the site will be functional again.

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36 thoughts on “Parents, Worry Not. EMAP Is Coming Back Online On The 5th Of November And You Can Apply For Your Child’s Boarding School

  1. My son applied but only got response from one very expensive school. The rest never bothered to respond till today, I wonder why. It could still be the same reason why it was created in the first place. He ended up getting a place at a not so good school because of that.

  2. They,”MINISTRY OF EDUCATION”should also make it user friendly such that if u forget your password u r able to reset it on your own

  3. The online system would have been good if the website was accessible all the time. sometimes it’s available but it can also be blocked and one spends the whole blessed day looking for the website. If you announce the availability of the website then do not confuse those who want to make their applications please.

  4. Thank you for the update. Kindly educate us on the steps to follow when accessing this vital website. We are told via social media, of course, that the EMAP website becomes available when the results are out because it requires one to use information from the result slip such as candidate and centre nos etc. So are the results around the corner?

  5. Thank you for the update. I could concentrate kn my work checking on the website nkw and then after seing a social media message yesterday. Its good to have an official position. I hope tbe system will be efficient and not frustrate parents when its finally live.

      1. I m in Byo . Is it possible tobget a place in the Midlands or l will be ristricted to Byo schools only?

  6. thanks for the update… hopefully tomorrow it will indeed be up and running because it has been a tad bit time consuming trying to access the webpage then end up getting an error message

  7. this was a good move provided; we have the capacity to offer quality Internet and reliable website , however it then becomes a problem when the same technology is taking you mich more time than going to 3 different schools physically

  8. Is it working now? Any luck?
    Mine z saying you have entered incorrect information bt I entered everything correct

  9. I tried but it is saying that the details could not match signing up but the center number and candidate number are correct

  10. I can confirm that it’s now working. Quick question for me:How many schools can you apply for through the emap platform?

  11. Freddy how did yu enter your centre number and candidate number? Mine s sayin its not matching

  12. How many schools can you apply to. After 2 schools yesterday it said limit exceeded. Also today I tried logging in and it said you do not have an account please sign up. When I tried to resign up it then says details are already in use. Anyone help me pliz

  13. Mine is saying your details could not match, please ensure the information you entered is correct……but everything is correct please help

  14. Guys what kind of website is this, no one responds to you when you need help. Is there a number we could call for queries

  15. The move was good but it’s not user friendly.i want to appli for 5scholls and after 2 schooks it said I have exceeded the number of schools then it’s two days it’s still pending there no response yet and it frustrates

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