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There is no doubt that the number of ‘digital marketers’ is growing rapidly. This demand for digital marketing skills is rising and many marketers realise the need to upgrade.

So if one wants digital marketing courses in Zimbabwe where do they go? Well, there isn’t one place. There are options and I will try to give you fair details about the ones I know.

It’s important to know why you are learning something. There are several reasons why different people learn about digital marketing.

Reasons why people learn digital marketing

  1. To have proof of your knowledge. This is important for the ‘self-taught’ people who need a formal endorsement for their skills and knowledge. There are opportunities you will never acquire with the ‘self-taught’ mantra – sometimes papers matter first before
    skills or knowledge.
  2.  To become familiar with it. This is especially important for two groups of people. Those who have considered a career in digital marketing and those who work with digital marketing experts and they need to understand the language and basics.
  3.  To learn how to do it practically in everyday work. This group is encouraged to be very picky in their choice of courses. This group usually has to practice marketers who see their need for new skills to stay relevant and also SME business owners who need the advantages of digital marketing in their businesses.
  4. To get a certificate to prove diversification in your career. This is important for people who are vying for senior management roles where it is important to prove that you have an understanding of many sections important in business.
  5.  To learn how to access digital practitioners and agencies. There are businesses who are being charged huge amounts for very basic digital work because they don’t know. There are other big brands who are misled by their trusted agencies because they are clueless. This group includes in-house marketing managers who have to deal with external resources for campaigns and other marketing activities.

Even though someone may have inter-lapping reasons for taking a digital marketing course, it’s important to have them ranked. The choice of the course you end up taking depends on your primary goal.

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Pan-degree in Practical Digital Marketing

This is a program developed by professional digital marketers after realising the need to have digital marketing practitioners who are versatile, broad and practical. One of the commonest experiences in working with digital marketers is that most of them have qualifications but cannot effectively practise what they learnt. The course was developed by expert Africans for African digital marketers.

Watch this video and get more answers to questions like. What is a pan-degree? Who is Afrodigital Pan-university?

Why enrol in the pan-degree in practical digital marketing?

  • It’s a fusion of online and in-person training.
  • Material developed by international digital marketing experts.
  • Learning at your pace.
  • It’s affordable.
  • Develop your skills while learning through a project. The project is based on a real-world SME which the student chooses to work with.
  • Book an in-person session to get help in any module 
  • 14 Modules of practical importance in the industry

Start your Free Trial of the Pan-degree in practical digital marketing now.

Review of the digital marketing courses in Zimbabwe.

Free Online courses

1. Google digital skills training


● It’s Freebies!

There are not many free things that are actually valuable at the moment. This knowledge is because let’s be honest, who doesn’t know the power Google holds? Who doesn’t ‘need’ Google? Who sees it becoming a fading concept? Exactly!

● No qualification prerequisite

Pretty much anyone with a capability to learn is eligible! All that is required is apt interest and you won’t be discouraged by any qualification criterion. If anything, you begin to build a qualification from here.

● Any line of business is easily involved.

Tech-savvy companies or services are not the only ones who can participate here. All types of businesses should feel the need to learn since the world is fast digitising. This training is therefore helpful to all forms of businesses.

● One on one training

Online training may be the in thing right now but if you can actually interact with a real person

then why not?

● Free ticket of attendance

Because what’s the best way to prove you’re knowledgeable about something other than a certificate with your name on it?!


● Frequent updating of trends

Due to the fact that trends and information are not conclusive, one would always need to continue educating themselves on what is currently relevant at every point. Keywords are one tool that continually upgrades and updates and as such the partaker of this training will have to do likewise.

● Hard sell to companies digital skills training for most firms is not usually an attractive feat because of factors such as the high cost of the internet (in most parts of Africa, at least)

2) Coursera Digital marketing


● High-quality courses from leading universities

This, of course, increases the credibility of the certificates and these universities are usually globally known.

● Quizzes that pop up mid-video

These serve the sole important purpose of reinforcing what you learn. As such they are exceptionally useful.

● Courses start frequently

Throughout the year, one is ensured of hopping on to a course at various times during the year. Although most courses are on a set schedule.


● Since mid-2016, courses have shifted from being free to pay. This has been a freebie for a while but due to high traffic, most courses now require payment.

Paid Courses online

1. Digital marketing institute


● It is a global standard institution that teaches in 115 countries.

● Boasts of flexible study options i.e video lectures, slide presentations and practical exercises among others

● Internationally recognised accreditation


● Institutes cannot give complete Digital Marketing in one shot. Neither will the student be able to grasp all the portions of internet marketing. You need to enrol in multiple courses.

2. Wsi


● Being as old as the Internet itself, WSI has had the time and opportunity to evaluate many of the world’s leading marketing solutions, developing deep knowledge and an extensive partner network of industry thought leaders.

● vast and deep talent base. Not only are their consultant’s digital marketing experts, but they also have experience in hundreds of industries thus delivering global insights that can be applied to your local business.


● Have no Internet marketing training currently available especially in Zimbabwe

3. Afrodigital Basic digital marketing


● Gives an intensive head start into the digital marketing world

● Offers one day lesson for basic digital marketing

● Inexpensive

● One on one learning options

● Flexible timings for taking a course provided classes are not filled up

● Reputable boasting of over 8000 completed trainees so far

● Training by thoroughly experienced tutors (10+years)


● Not the best option for those seeking full-time learning. Most classes are only 3 hours maximum on different days

4. City n Guilds


● Offers diploma after completion of course

● Has an award system which also has certifications

● Able to offer services in Europe and currently spreading to Africa

In-person training

1. Pan-degree in Practical Digital Marketing – Afrodigital Pan-university

2. Certificate in Digital Marketing MAZ


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    Hi,. Thx for this review of the digital marketing courses in Zim. Couple of clarification points please.

    Kindly note that DMI (Digital Marketing Institute) courses are available right here in Zim through NKDigital (www.nikolinakobali.com) as an authorised partner and respective candidates can take online courses as well as lecture based courses.

    Secondly and in line with international practices, the reader would greatly benefit from having the links to the actual sites offering these certifications and diplomas (except for the WSI site that you outline does not have courses but is still included in this article named Digital Marketing Courses…?)

    Lastly and linked to the above, readers would benefit having an organisational outline of ALL companies/organisations mentioned in the article in the box paragraph at the end of the article or is this reserved for the Guest Author’s affiliated organisation?

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    Nice Explanation ! The availbility of Digital marketing courses in differnt learning format like texts, audio, video, infographics, and also offline will let it to indulge in more audience

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