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InternZim Connects Students Looking For Attachments With Potential Employers

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Finding attachments must be quite daunting, especially when you consider that for most students, these are their first steps into the ‘real world’. It would be very convenient if there was a way to make this process easier. This is exactly what InternZim is trying to do.

InternZim is a website that aims to connect students looking for attachments with companies that are offering just that.

Not only can you see the attachments available you can then directly apply from the site as well which makes it much easier. At the time of writing there seems to be about 11 companies who have partnered with InternZim and hopefully this list keeps growing.

You can search for the jobs you’re looking for in a variety of ways; you can search by going through companies or you can actually search the exact job you want using the advanced search tool but by and far the easiest way to search is to just go through the Hiring Now tab since that lists all the available jobs across all fields. Of course, this is convenient right now when the platform is still relatively small and there are a few listings and things may change once more companies have signed up and you’re having to sift through thousands of listings.


Anyway, the fact that there are other options means you won’t have to worry about that at any point.

If you want to register & become a member on the site you’ll have to pay $1 (which you can do using EcoCash thankfully).

Application form

Would I change anything on the site?

Is this the most relatable image in Zim? I’m not too sure

I think the website serves its function pretty well. If there is one thing I did notice that I would adjust it has to be the images on the site. I’m not sure if those are the most relatable images especially once you consciously think of the demographic this website is targeted at. But really that’s just a more personal thing and it doesn’t take away from the purpose of the website.

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5 thoughts on “InternZim Connects Students Looking For Attachments With Potential Employers

  1. The functionality on the website is great. Good work, keep it up.

    A lot is still needed on the side of looks and perfection however. I feel that this was a rushed project that did not go through quality control. My suggestion – perfect your work, if something is a future functionality, remove it until it’s functional.

    * That first look on the homepage is not relevant at all, i was expecting something that’s students related.
    * Links on the website still refer to localhost e.g. on
    * Missing pages e.g.
    * Links that do not work e.g. the social icons in the footer
    * Remove that map on or put correct address

  2. indeed the issue of all those alien pictures all over our local sites should be dealt with immediately.

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