NiftyPlanr’s ‘Service Provider’ App Allows Event Planners And Other Players In That Industry To Extend Their Reach


A few weeks ago we talked about Nifty Planr; an application meant to take the stress out of planning an event. Be it a wedding, a party or even events like religious conferences then this is the app to use. Service providers (e.g caterers, decorators etc) could have seen that piece and wondered how can they also get on board and be listed as one of the guys offering their services on the application.


Thankfully there’s a pretty seamless process that involves another app; NiftyPlanr for Service Providers. This application allows the service providers to create and manage the profiles which then appear on the NiftyPlanr App for the people planning an event. If you’re an event planner this is another channel to extend your reach and I don’t think there’s a reason not to be on this app if you’re a service provider.

We downloaded the application and took it for a spin to see what exactly service providers will be able to do with this application.


So after going through a simple sign-up process, you’ll be able to do a number of things with the application. Your company details will be visible to potential customers along with the location of the business (if you did enter those details). The location of your business can also be hidden from customers even if you did enter. You can also include a short description of the services you offer.


In terms of managing events, the app allows you to keep track of all the events that have been booked through the NiftyPlanr. This means you can see the services that have been booked for future, the ones you already hosted along with upcoming appointments and events you’re invited to.


Each individual product or service that you offer can be listed individually. This means if your company offers décor services and catering, you can list these separately. This is an advantage because you can then add as much info about each service as you can in order to better inform the customer. You can also add photos along with each listing to better make your case as the service provider someone should pick.

You can also choose to hide the pricing of each listing on an individual basis. That means if your décor is your best offering you can list that without a price, whilst catering has a price. As it’s there in the application I think it points to there being a need for it and event planners will be able to choose what works for them.

Keep track of finances as well…

The NiftyPlanr for Service Providers app also allows you to keep track of invoices that you have both received and sent. This ties in well with the fact that there’s a monthly reports section that also gives you a look at all the transactions that have been made through NiftyPlanr.

Mailbox to chat with customers

There’s also an option for customers to chat with the service providers in-app which is a no-brainer as customers are bound to stumble on a few things they don’t fully understand in the NiftyPlanr app. Of course the response times a customer ends up getting might not be as optimum as the ones you get through ‘traditional channels’ such as WhatsApp or calls but really that will probably differ from provider to provider.

Chicken and egg…

Overall this is a cool platform that should be able to extend your reach to customers who may have never come across your services through ‘more traditional channels so it will probably be worth your time as a service provider. And remember, the more service providers there are, the more customers can download the regular version of NiftyPlanr and actually get to use the application. Service providers shouldn’t wait for the customers using the app to rise in numbers as the app will probably have users sign up if there are more service providers…

Download NiftyPlanr for Service Providers

Download NiftyPlanr

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