Zimnat’s Self-Service Portal Allows You To Buy Your Insurance Cover Online

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

Zimnat has been very active in adopting some digital solutions for their business in 2018. They’ve hosted a hackathon, an accelerator and more recently they deployed Musa (a chatbot) to handle insurance enquiries on their website. Another step they’ve taken in order to embrace digital solutions this year is their self-service portal.

The self-service portal enables customers and potential customers to obtain quotations for short-term insurance policies and sign up for them as well as make claims. These systems are quite convenient because sometimes we just don’t want to have those awkward phone calls where we don’t really understand much. If you’re on a call with an assistant you can’t (well, you can) really keep asking the same question lest you sound dumb so at times we commit to things we odn’t really understand. Using the self-care portals and chatbots you’re free to ask away and learn away from the observation of other human beings. The convenience is just unrivalled.

You can obtain quotations & assistance for motor insurance, hospital cash back plans and funeral cash plans. You can also buy the policies from this portal. Of course, there will be some forms for you to fill out but all this will be done online and since you can pay online (through Paynow’s gateway) you won’t have to leave your phone/laptop during this process.

Is the internet finally finding utility in Zimbabwe?

One of the things I always find weird is when people say the internet will revitalise everything but then they don’t make solutions around the internet. These are really simple solutions that should not be a big deal but this convenience is really what people are referring to when they talk about an internet based revolution. When the internet is utilised to make things more convenient maybe we will finally start to see an uptick in people using the internet for things other than WhatsApp and social media.

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