Econet and TelOne Shut Down The Internet Completely, Now It’s Darkness

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So it has happened. If you are on Econet or TelOne, you can’t even use a VPN to access social media anymore. You can’t access the internet at all in fact. The service providers have thrown the switch.

It seems the interruptions started shortly after midnight with a number of service providers having flipped the switch and internet access now being limited. Other providers such as NetOne and ZOL haven’t completely turned off the access but they have blocked WhatsApp and Facebook.

Econet being the biggest provider of connectivity effectively means at least 65% of all Zimbabweans can’t access the internet anymore. This happened at around 0845 hours (CAT) today 15th January. So far other mobile network providers have blocked WhatsApp and Facebook but Econet has blocked the whole internet from being accessible.

TelOne is the government-owned fixed telephone service provider. They are the biggest providers of fixed internet to the home in Zimbabwe right now and therefore their block is quite significant.


  1. 唐天

    lol i saw this one coming.China style

    1. Saves by De Gea

      Worse than China actually

  2. Anonymous

    Download the VPN

    1. Me

      You need internet to download vpn

    2. Anonymous

      Perhaps you didn’t take time to read the very short article. VPN’s don’t work when all access to the internet has been cut. I worry this comment might be a bit too long for you to read though.

  3. Tsungayi Chikakatire

    Cry the beloved country

  4. Don’t Lie

    I’m browsing using Econet daily bundle. Are you sure?

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      A miracle for you

      We will keep checking to see when it gets up. They can’t switch off forever

    2. 3chwa2

      mine won’t connect econet and telone!

  5. Anonymous

    Strive has betrayed the struggle.

    1. Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly.

  6. Tawonga

    VPN wont work because there is no internet in the first place to download that VPN. China is much better, China only block social media

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      Yes for Econety and TelOne subscribers you can’t do anything to get access because they switched the whole internet off.

      Those who are just affected when it comes to social platforms can still download and activate VPN apps

  7. M Dunn

    Communist state!

  8. RTM

    Its an infringement of civil liberties and democratic freedom of expression. The criminalization of use of social media shows that our Government is not at all in touch with the realities of modern economy where 90% of business management is conducted through social media and outside the physical offices. Ironically, the government actions have just made the ZCTU-inspired stay-away already 100% successful among the union laborforce and the self-employed unemployed youths also 100% effective by sabotaging CZI and ZNCC employers and their senior executives from continuing to work from home.

    There is a critical mass of Zimbabweans who have chosen to stay in Harare while conducting business with clients around the globe – internet commuting to earn much needed foreign currency while domiciled here not in JNB, Mauritius, Dubhai or London. How on earth can we explain to global clients that our scheduled business skype calls or e-conference is disrupted by GOvernment interfering with social media service provision at Econet?


    Time to get really serious as a country and bring the Government to terms with modern ICT-driven business environment. Shutting down the internet for 5 hours when NYSE is open is like shutting down Chitungwiza highway and Bulawayo Highway for months! Time for the country to move out of the peasant farming mentality of my grandmother’s generation into the ICT-driven business environment of today.

    1. Anonymous

      You make good points and I suffer the same as a remote developer but remember it is ZCTU & allies who are calling for this “shutdown” and instigated this nonsense.

  9. Anonymous

    Strive Masiyiwa is part of the mess. He is a Zanu PF facilitator. A move to try and demobilise the stay away. What a shame, this desperate mogul.

  10. Anonymous

    The world is watching , who in their normal state of mind is willing to invest in such an environment where a government has the power to cut communication as they please. These are very good signs of a corrupt government

  11. Anonymous

    Cry the beloved country

  12. Ken

    Zimbabwe…i cry for my brothers and sisters in that land, who cannot access Facebook and whatsapp the largest communications Apps!

  13. Siphiwe Manko Sithole

    So no more sending euros to Zim cause we can’t send ref number or communicate. Zimbabwe is no longer open for business. Really shut down. I think it’s temporary so we don’t wash our dirty laundry in every street.

  14. Johan

    Itsaona chaiyo

  15. Anonymous

    I dont know i must say i am angry or its sad. Shame!!!!! Things fall apart.

  16. Anonymous

    A country with over 90% literacy rate, the best and most educated population in Africa. What went wrong. May someone with better knowledge plizzz tell me, especially Zimbabweans.

  17. TN Jali

    Ohhh!! my beloved country

  18. Anonymous

    Dear Lord we need your touch right now

  19. P. Stephen Long

    Sat phones should still work? Sat dishes?

    1. Anonymous

      I’m sure they are… “my phone isn’t working, I’ll just grab the sat phone!” No idea about DSTV. I saw a comment from one person using a satellite connection and a vpn but it’s very quiet out of Zim right now – most people don’t have cash or loads of airtime to text and call so rely on their internet bundles and whatsapp.

  20. Anonymous


  21. Rod

    Cry the beloved country. You are leading the way, won’t be long before South Africa joins you. You won’t be alone for long.


    The pfeerorists have no sense of smell. Not even their own sh**. Useless bunch of editors.




    and who would love to come and invest in such a messy country

    1. Anonymous

      Why then does ZCTU call for a shutdown if it ruins our economy? Don’t let hatred for Zanu PF make you support silly things!

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