Here Are Some Reactions To Zimbabwe’s Internet Shutdown

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There’s been a lot of unrest in Zimbabwe over this past week and our government decided the best way to respond is by completely shutting down the internet. After shutting down the internet, a certain Deputy Minister of information still had the audacity to go ahead and say the internet was working just fine. In fact, it was working too well and got congested according to him but that’s beside the point of this article. Of course there’s been some backlash by those with access to the internet and here are some of their thoughts

The shutting down of the internet was clearly unlawful but when are African leaders ever held to the law? And to make matters worse social media remains inaccessible to some and there has been a VPN block which means even those with VPNs are now affected once again. It’s surprising that the government would go to this length to suppress the voice of the people but alas, this is where Zimbabwe is in 2019…


  1. shame so scared !!!

    they are COWARDS, scared cowards !!!

  2. Tsoko

    By switching off the internet the clueless Government of Zimbabwe ensured that “Shut Down Zimbabwe” was/is a resounding success!

  3. Barry Taylor

    This fits in with the primitive way africans think .Back to the jungle drums.
    Africans will never be able to reach the intelligence level of other people like the Chinese ,Indians etc
    They are way to far behind and will remain there for many eons

    1. proudafrican

      You are Backward minded racist ignorant and a pure evil enemy of progress! May You live to see us Rise. It’s clear You do not know what You are talking about.

  4. taphizzle

    i am so appalled by the ‘communist’ tendencies being employed by the ZANU Gvt.

  5. Anonymous

    Ed pfee and his scarf can go hang for all I care.
    Some people missed out on opportunities cause of shutting down the internet. And it’s unlawful to begin with nxa

  6. Anonymous

    you know it’s now all clear that Zimbabwe is being lead by dumb ignorant and uneducated idiots n by the way ed scarfs inopfekwa zviri seasonal not throughout the whole year u dumb dumb turn on the damn internet u fools u all u zanu idiots can go to hell kukwidza maprices kudaro

  7. Anonymous

    Mnangagwa satanyoko

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