There Was Just A Congestion Problem, Zimbabwe’s Information Deputy Minister’s Silly Lie About The Internet Blackout

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So the internet was switched off yesterday. We hoped and reasoned that this would never happen but the Zimbabwean government went ahead and ordered all internet service providers to block access to the internet.

At first they just blocked access to social media and the popular chat application WhatsApp. By just after mid day yesterday all service providers had blocked off access to the whole internet completely. All this was in a bid to stop the flow of information during the labour protests that were called on Monday through to today (Wednesday).

The call to stay at home was largely successful with very few people going to work on Monday and even fewer on Tuesday and Wednesday today.

In an interview last night, the deputy minister of information, Energy Mutodi declared that the internet had not been blocked but that there was to much congestion caused by people who were posting videos and looking for information about the protests on social media.

Mutodi went further to ‘advise’ us all to buy internet bundles as they had probably run out. The audacity! Here is a video of the Deputy Minister blatantly lying:

This morning however, we woke up to confirmation from Econet that the internet blackout had been ordered by the government. Well they were telling us what we knew already. Here’s what they texted:

Further to a warrant issued by the Minister of State in the President¿s Office for National Security through the Director General of the President¿s Dept,acting in terms of the Interception of Communications Act,Internet Services are currently suspended across all networks and Internet Service providers.We are obliged to act when directed to do so and the matter is beyond our control.All inconveniences are sincerely regretted.

Energy Mutodi should respect our intelligence please. It’s allowed not to comment. It’s insulting to think we are so stupid to accept silly lies.


The Internet Is Back

Here Are The Service Providers And Services You Can Now Access


  1. minister of cartoon clowns !

    This Mutodi should resign and go back to making rhumba music, he does not seem to have the intelligence to make it as a minister of anything … !!!

  2. you and zanu closed brains !!!

    Mutodi, you brain is open to stupidity, but the total internet shutdown by zanu shows that Zim is CLOSED for business with you clowns in power !!!!

  3. Rookie

    Monkey business!!!

  4. TheEntreprenew

    This is ridiculous. I bet he felt thoroughly embarassed first thing in the morning when he woke up to Econet’s message on his phone

    1. Anonymous

      I doubt that, he is probably going to deny ever saying that.Or worse still, claim misinterpretation. Nyika yedu ine basa

  5. Waldo

    This shows that Zimbabwe is closed for business. No shrewd investor in Russia or Kazakhstan will ever think of wasting his investment in a country with such foolish people on the helm. Ndiye Mutodi wekuti tichovhe mabhasikoro kuenda kubasa nekuti fuel yadhura. Benzi remunhu!!!

  6. Anonymous

    ZANU is full of stupid people kushungurudza sasatan kudero here

  7. Kratos

    These guys are fools, at least since it’s back on now we can download VPN and continue Twitter and Facebook, etc.

  8. Smart Zim

    But then again maybe Mutodi is sincere and its just because of sanctions that he says what he says..

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