My Companies Were Complying With The Law When They Blocked The Internet But I am Praying And Fasting For You Says Strive Masiyiwa

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TD Jakes with Strive Masiyiwa of, Econet

The Founder and Chairman of the Econet Wireless Group, Strive Masiyiwa wrote on his Facebook Page yesterday concerning the internet blackout in Zimbabwe on the same day.

Unfortunately, most Zimbabweans (whom he addressed in the post) could not access that message and still can’t because access to Facebook and other social sites has been blocked in the country. The block was of course made effective by the compliance with the directive by Econet who are the biggest internet service provider as well as Liquid and ZOL also owned by Masiyiwa.

The businessman said if they had refused then management would have been arrested on the spot. Here’s his statement which includes a promise that he is praying and fasting for the three countries where the internet has been switched off with the compliance of his companies:

#Message to our Zimbabwean, DRC, and Sudan
members of the platform:

This morning I was informed that the authorities in Zimbabwe have directed that all Internet services be shut down.
As it was a written directive issued in terms of the law,
non-compliance would result in immediate imprisonment of management on the ground.

Last week we were issued with a similar order in the Democratic Republic of Congo [DRC].

We complied as directed.

Whenever such directives are issued, management call in the legal teams, and review them in terms of the law.

#I’m fasting and praying for Zimbabwe, DRC, and Sudan today…

We have staff in all these countries, and we love our customers.

Please, please, stay safe.


  1. Anonymous

    A bad nman wil never be good

  2. Haha

    So when you ran a away and left your management that was fine… Do you still think that sanctions should be lifted…. Are still giving ed time .. Let’s have answers now

  3. Imi Vangu Musadaro

    These guys are happy. No WhatsApp means more SMS and voice call revenue, hence the quick compliance. When BAZ said Kwese TV should comply to the law did they even react quickly, no, because they had something to gain. In this case compliance was to their benefit.

    1. Anonymous

      That was different with BAZ, these are sensitive political matters with lives on the line, not entertainment television!

    2. Anonymous

      SMS and voice upsurge will never compensate for data revenue. Internet blackout affected such services as mobile money, banks and other services that use the Internet. Even server-to-server communication was hindered.

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