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{Picture}: This Is How Zimsec Results Appear On Their Online Portal

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We have just told you about how one can check O’Level results on Zimsec’s online portal. Now we want to show you how Zimsec’s O’level results appear on their online portal, just in case you want to verify that screenshot (of someone’s results) you’ve just received.

How to check your O Level results online

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24 thoughts on “{Picture}: This Is How Zimsec Results Appear On Their Online Portal

  1. The system is not secure. The children themselves accessed each other’s results simply because they knew the candidate numbers of their peers. They would create accounts and log on without the owner of the account aware of the ghost account. The problem then came when the real candidate wanted to access their account. They are then told that the account has been halted.

    1. I think everyone is busy getting their results. Where did they get someone else’s information.

      1. Those who passed are busy preparing for the next stage other than peeping someone’s results. When they know that someone has failed or passed then what????. We are Zimbabweans. We do it Zimbo. This is a kick start. Let’s find a way to improve other than redressing what has been done. Chokwadi munhu haungamugone!

        1. the issue is not on the motive behind someone accessing your results.. the issue is on the web application they need to build a secure authentication system period

    2. it could be that your child already accessed the results and doesn’t want you to see them. its not only the candidate number that is needed. its the candidate name, DOB e.t.c

  2. It needs to upgrade its website too. It takes 10minustes to load. Please stop doing things the Zimbo way and just have quality. You are responsible for taking yourself to the next level.

  3. Is it possible to reregister because have failed to log on many times and am forgetting some details

  4. I logged in but cant show anything rather it want me to register again whilst i am in the account

  5. I created the account not in block letters bt it’s not yet activated how long will it takes

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