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Top Twitter Accounts To Follow During The Shutdown Zimbabwe Protests

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Social media and the internet have given individuals the power to keep up with things as they happen like never before. With near-real-time updates pouring in you may be wondering which accounts and hashtags to follow and keep up with these protests.

Which accounts will keep you up to speed?

With that being said we made a list of 9 accounts you can follow on Twitter. The list doesn’t focus on Facebook because FB isn’t suited to real-time updates as much as Twitter. These are some of the Twitter accounts we’ve seen posting updates on the Shutdown Protests:

P.S These Twitter accounts are not ranked in any particular order…

Hashtags to follow

Unlike Twitter accounts, hashtags take the tweets from every individual tweeting under that particular hashtag and these are the hashtags to follow:

Tip- Take everything you read on social media with a pinch of salt as there’s a chance you could be consuming the fake news and passing it on without knowing how true it is. Also, don’t be the one actually originating and spreading the fake news. ACT YOUR AGE!

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