War Of Words Between Strive Mayisiwa & Jonathan Moyo Continues

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Strife Strive Masiyiwa’s move to delete his Twitter account in support of his wife’s boycott of the social media platform seems to be a never ending saga as the feud is roping in many other people and it seems now there’s a beef between Strive and Former Minister Jonathan Moyo.

Jonathan Moyo was vocal (as always) after Strive and his wife deleted their accounts. The self-exiled former minister tweeted:

One need not hold a brief for @dewamavhinga to realise how shocking, outrageous & unacceptable it is for Strive Masiyiwa to accuse Dewa of cyberbullying his wife; & top that by peddling his crap accusation on the Internet while name dropping, in the hope of costing Dewa his job!

…who are the “some” & what gives Strive the notion that Tsitsi has a right to condemn the “some” without any objection from anyone?

Strive Masiyiwa has not been known to respond to online persecution but ever since he responded to the backlash he got after saying President Mnangagwa seems “sincere”, the businessman seems to be taking a stand. In similar fashion, Strive responded to Jonathan Moyo and took him on a history lesson:

One former Minister [now a champion of democracy] was involved in the shutting down of my newspaper, which was subsequently bombed. Same guy attacking me now!

Remember, Strive Masiyiwa is the founder and former owner of the Daily News newspaper and in 2001 there was a bombing at the Daily News offices and Masiyiwa seems to be alleging that Jonathan Moyo was behind the attack as he was the Minister of Information at the time. Jonathan Moyo also made sure there was as much censorship as possible so you can see why some would point fingers at him if there were any threats from members of media thought to be problematic by the government. The former minister denied having any involvement in the bombing last year.

Anyway, knowing Jonathan Moyo and his Twitter-fingers it was only a matter of time before he responded and the former minister has responded:

Strive, you’re a lumpen democrat & a stinking hypocrite. You claim not to read @Twitter, yet you twisted @dewamavhinga‘s TL , hoping to cost him his job. You shut down your paper by illegally not registering it. Recently you called the leader of your paper’s bombers, “sincere”!

Maybe certain businessmen and former politicians need to have their phones taken away and they can only use them during the holidays as some parents do with their kids because this whole issue seems largely unnecessary to me.


  1. Curious blogger

    Perhaps the Stanley Dube expose triggered a nerve in strive and tsitsi because what explains such behavior

  2. Sacha Robinson

    Let them bash each other, some precious information is being revealed in these tantrums

  3. Anonymous

    If netone managers were clever, like what they do in america, they would have taken this opportunity. Usually in those countries, any businessman/owner who goes against the majority risk losing clients. Panongoda ka catalyst chete

  4. Mbongozidana Mapisvole

    This is really unnecessary meddling in a miserable bunch of confusion. Who in Zimbabwe is immature to the extent of not knowing that Professor Jonathan Moyo is the height of irresponsibility?

  5. Oscar Habeenzu

    Yes, you are right, they need to shut up all of them. Their phones taken away.

  6. Anonymous

    Dr Strive. I learnt a lot from you. Can I return a favour. If you fight a pig in the mud you both get dirty but the pig enjoys it.

    1. Anonymous

      Don’t ever trust business men my friend.

  7. Ronald

    C’mon TECHZIM stop with the fabrication. Strive never stated or made any insinuations that Jonathan Moyo was involved in the bombing. He insinuated that he was involved in the closure of his Newspaper by deeming it’s operation to be illegal. That is why Jonathan responds by stating that the Newspaper was not registered. He only mentions the bombing which he links to ED only as sarcasm as he says Strive has declared his support for ED.

  8. Chigayo16

    Some of these “guys ` have really nothing to do except twerkin on tweeter VaMasiyiwa munopedzegwa nguva