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Having Trouble Using EcoCash? It Seems You’re Not The Only One

It seems a lot of EcoCash users are having challenges buying airtime, bundles and transacting with the dreaded double debit rearing it’s ugly head once again.

These problems seem to have been occurring since yesterday and if you’re unlucky you might have already experienced it. What’s happening is that when you pay for something, your EcoCash is either saying the payment has been successful whilst the payment isn’t reflecting on the receiving end or you’re failing to pay but your money is still being debited.

Of all the errors this is a frustrating one and we’ve seen a number of people have this error whilst trying to buy airtime and others facing it elsewhere;

We’ve reached out to EcoCash reps to understand what the issue is and we will update once they have responded.

4 thoughts on “Having Trouble Using EcoCash? It Seems You’re Not The Only One

  1. Econet please gadzirisai zvinhu nekukasika mutidzorere mari dzedu please . Am one of the victims please ndakutouya ikoko mundidzorere mari yangu you are not even responding to our queries

  2. They are busy trying to separate accounts since new currency is coming in this week.FCA nostro, Bond RTGS and Zimdollar

  3. I also purchased daily bundles on 2 occasions,my account was debited but nothing came.Econet stealing our money.

  4. Good luck with getting your money back it takes ages, econet services are deteriorating by the day I use them because I have to, I have no choice.

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