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Here Is A List Of The Spar Supermarkets You Can Buy From Online


So we just discovered that Spar, one of the largest retailers, is now offering customers the option to buy groceries online. At the time of writing the service is available within the capital and customers have two distinct options to pick from; Store pickup and Home delivery.

Which shops offer the pickup option?

When you register on the Spar website you’ll realise that you have more than 25 shops to pick from as your “favourite Spar”. This is not to mean that all the shops on this list are available as pickup options. In fact, the following stores are the ones that have a pickup option;

  • Arcadia SPAR
  • Athienitis SPAR
  • Ballantyne SPAR
  • Braeside SPAR
  • Bridge SPAR
  • Goldenstairs SPAR
  • Helensvale SPAR
  • Letombo SPAR
  • Montagu SPAR
  • Queensdale SPAR
  • Village SPAR
  • Waterfalls SPAR

If you don’t reside anywhere near these shops but you’re still in Harare you can always opt for the home delivery option and since delivery is free this might be the more convenient option anyway.


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