How To Complete A Zipit Bank To Wallet Transfer If You’re A OneMoney Subscriber

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If you aren’t living under a rock then you’ve probably heard people saying they are “doing a Zipit” transaction. ZIPIT (ZIMSWITCH Instant Payment Interchange Technology) is a platform that enables instant inter-bank funds transfers between ZIMSWITCH member institutions (Banks and Wallets) connected to the ZIMSWITCH network. ZIPIT is designed to run in parallel with traditional RTGS focusing on real-time smaller transfer amounts with lower transfer costs.

OneMoney is among the institutions that are connected to the ZIMSWITCH network and one of the benefits of being on this platform is that it’s pretty easy to send money from your bank account to your mobile money wallet. If you’re a OneMoney subscriber these are the simple steps you need to follow:

  1. Open & log into your bank’s application (or dial your bank’s USSD code)
  2. Select OneMoney on the ZIPIT banks list
  3. Enter destination account number (as 263712980500)
  4. Enter receiving mobile number (0712980500)
  5. Specify purpose of transfer – e.g rental
  6. Enter amount to be transferred
  7. Confirm the transfer amount
  8. Receive notification SMS

It’s a fairly simple process and if you’re doing it from the banking application it’s much simpler as visual UI’s are easier to navigate. But even on the USSD menu, this seems like something you can get accustomed to pretty quickly just like people have gotten accustomed to using the USSD in shops when paying.

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  1. Anonymous

    is the onemoney mobile app function. its not working on Xiaomi MiA1 with android pie operating system. When it was working it used to crash when i attempted to get number from the app, whether it was to top up, or send money.

  2. Anonymous

    Sadly this one does not work with NMBbank

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