Online Betting Is Still Illegal So If You’re Scammed, You’re On Your Own

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So we recently got an email from someone claiming that he had been the victim of a scam being run by BetMargin50. BetMargin50, as the name suggests, is a betting company and the guy who alleges that they ripped him off had this to say:

Hello guys,i just wanna urge all those who are registered and who will want to register on betmargin,just dont do it they are REAL scammers,i deposited my money and it was fine,the problem came when i wanted to withdraw,the money was deducted through what they call ecocash need to be verified first,after that..they kept telling me give us your username,email and the payout id and i did was on saturday when i did just a withdraw of $5 and i was amazed with what happened next..they took like 5 days and up to now i havent received that money,i dont know where to contact them besides on they`re site..these guys are real scammers never use the site…UNOVHARWA

Now because BetMargin is an online betting company, if the guy who wrote in was indeed a victim of some scam, he is in no man’s land because online betting has been outlawed. Back in 2016,  Lotteries and Gaming Board of Zimbabwe spoke out against online betting and sited Lotteries and Gaming Act, chapter 10:26. In that statement they said:

There are no internet Bookmakers (sport betting), lottery, totalizators, casino etc licensees in Zimbabwe. Therefore members of the public, banks and other financial intermediaries outh to be vigilant and report any such activities….

As far as we know, this is still the case and online betting is still not legal. Because of the fact that BetMargin isn’t registered in Zimbabwe, no one can hold them accountable and unfortunately for this guy, there’s no one to report to. If you’re participating in online betting this is the stuff you have to look out for just in case you end up in a similar situation.

We have gotten in touch with BetMargin in order to understand their side of the story but we are yet to get a response from them.


  1. Mathias

    What is the difference with online trading, my foot. Sorry haven’t read the article. It came at the point where one was trying to make sense of the difference. Also kweneng does need those PCs, Plumtree is a forgotten city in Zimbabwe honestly

  2. Ndlovu

    I know the guys who are doing and running betmargin so just leave your number on this platform and I will direct you to their door step.

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