Soccer Lovers! Econet Has A New Service For You

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Econet has once again come up with a new service again (on top of the Twitter service), that is perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea. Rather, the new service is for us soccer lovers as it sends “post-match” news updates about the English Premier League in our SMS inbox.

For some weird reason, Econet has not made any announcement of this service. As it happens, I only got to know about this service when I requested my airtime balance on the USSD. That’s when I saw this:

What’s it about?

Since Econet didn’t publicize about this service, it stands to reason that it didn’t disclose what we really get from this service. Yes, its soccer news updates but I just want to know if its a service that’s worth my hard-earned money and not some quick-cash-grab scheme.  But hey, don’t worry, I’m going to be the guinea pig for you and test out this service.

How can you access the service

You just dial *717*10#

How much do you pay?

There are three prices depending on how long you want to get the soccer news updates. There is:

  • The Daily package that cost $5cents
  • The Weekly package that cost $25cents
  • The monthly package that cost $75cents
  • And there is the 3-day free trial which I’m going to subscribe to, to see how the service really works


  1. Anonymous

    Duta already does that

  2. Wallace McDumpfy

    Why didn’t you test it first before writing your report? Uri kumhanyira kupi?

    1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

      I totally agree there. People here to find out about the “new service” haven’t learnt a thing at all. They could have called Econet customer care to enquire, at least.

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