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The Government Is Not Going To Ban Electrical Gadgets You Already Have: ZERA

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Yesterday we wrote a piece where one of the Engineers at ZERA was quoted saying the government was mulling a ban on energy in-efficient electrical gadgets. According to reports, the ban would have come into effect either late this year or sometime next year. It’s also not clear how this ban would have been implemented on the ground beside banning imports of such gadgets as ZERA would deem inefficient.

Well ZERA has now come out and denied that they are going to ban gadgets that people already own.

ZERA not banning electrical appliances

27 February 2019

Reference is made to a story published in the Newsday of Wednesday 27 February 2019 under the headline- Gvt to ban fridges, stoves, TVs. The headline is incorrect and misleading.

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) is carrying out consultations with consumers, policymakers and electrical appliance retailers on the development of minimum energy performance standards for electrical appliances.

The draft regulations, which are meant to phase out the importation and manufacture of inefficient electrical appliances, are being developed and will be promulgated after consultations with all key stakeholders across the country.

The minimum energy performance standards, when developed, will provide for restrictions on manufacturing, importation and sale of such inefficient electrical appliances in Zimbabwe. Such measures are not unique to Zimbabwe as they are common throughout the world.

The proposed standards will not ban the usage of appliances currently being used by consumers, but, if approved, will prohibit the manufacture, importation and sale of inefficient appliances which do not conform to; meet the approved rating or minimum energy performance standards in the country.

Very reassuring if you ask. To be honest, though energy efficient gadgets such as energy saver lamps go a long way in saving electricity and reducing demand.

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