What’s Going On With EcoCash Remittances?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been getting a number of emails regarding EcoCash subscribers and remittances or lack thereof. There seems to be some serious problems when it comes to EcoCash’s partnership with World Remit and that has resulted in a number of people failing to get their money.

Here is a thread of some of the anonymous emails we’ve been getting regarding this issue:

Ecocash is scamming us of US dollars


Ecocash is scamming us of hard earned US dollars from diaspora. The money that is sent via world remit to be collected from Ecocash is not pickable from this side. We have been going to Ecocash main outlets in Bulawayo without success. More over many are using the money now as Ecocash bond

May you publish this scam. You cannot even transfer the money to FCA account nor reverse it, this is the biggest scam.

Here’s another one:

Please investigate what’s going on at Econet/Ecocash. I have been sent money through this service from diaspora but I am having a challenge getting USD from Econet. Is this a case of false advertising?

These two emails were sent within 12 days of each other and it seems there are some issues. We reached out to EcoCash and they explained to us that this wasn’t the norm:

EcoCash assures the public that it has been paying out funds remitted to EcoCash customers via World Remit in hard currency and in full, and will continue to do so.
The company regrets any logistical delays experienced by customers in Bulawayo and assures them that these are being addressed.

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5 thoughts on “What’s Going On With EcoCash Remittances?

  1. I have since moved away from using ecocash to receive money from abroad, the sane WorldRemit works perfectly with banks. I would recommend people to use cash pickup than ecocash option. I don’t what’s in Chipo Jabangwe’s mind?

  2. Very true ecocash cheating people..they make you
    you write your name in a big tattered counter
    book and say they will call… surely world remit
    money should go via FCA ecocash… Pane

  3. dont listen to their propfessional rhetoric. Listen to the customer. Ecocash should stop customers from sending to their world remit facility in the mean time if they cannot supply the dollars. Owing to the allocation issue by RBZ. The truth is they are indeed scamming people if they play silent.
    Because if they play silent when they know a $2000 cannot be withdrawn due to forex shortages. Then there is an issue. They should announce so that customers dont get stranded. I say this because i experienced it. I suggested it to one of the employees abd he said an announcement was not possible yet, they can advertise to millions subscribers. At least customers should be able to transfer to FCA wallet. But because RBZ is stifling everyone. They cant do that at ecocash for fear of losing money if they dont get the forex. They would rather you use it as bond notes.

    I sent $70 by our client overseas and only got it after 1week imagine. After much prayer and favor from God. Had it not been for prayers i beliebe i qould be a victim right now. I learnt hard. I am not using that service anymore until things normalise in Zim.

  4. I went to Ecocash numerous times and was always told there was no money…that they will call me..I never got a phone call. Upto now I have not been able to get my money.
    I won’t use Ecocash again…I am sorry.

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