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Answers To All Your Questions About Sending Money From South Africa To Zimbabwe With EcoCash

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I know some people have unanswered questions concerning the EcoCash Remit service that allows people in South Africa to send money to Zimbabwe using EcoCash. So I have compiled a long list of Question and Answer so that you really know how this service works.

What Is EcoCash Remit?

EcoCash Remit is a remittance service that allows you to send money back to your home country from South Africa securely and legally.

Can anyone sign up as an EcoCash Remit customer?

Yes. As long as you are 18 years of age or older, you can set up your own EcoCash Remit account.

Where or How do I sign up to be a customer?

You can sign-up using any of the following channels:

  • Self sign-up on the Website (
  • Self sign-up on the Mobile Application (The EcoCash Remit app can be downloaded on Google Play and App Store) or
  • Via an appointed sign-up agent located nationwide.

What document do I need to sign up as a customer?

You must have any of the following valid identity documents:

  • South African ID (green barcoded or smart)
  • Asylum Permit, or
  • Foreign Passport

Is my proof of address required?

Proof of address is required if you need a higher transacting limit of R5000 per day / R25 000 per month.

What are the maximum transaction limits?

The transaction limits are as follows:

  • R3000 per day / R10 000 per month if you have been signed up only with your ID document.
  • R5000 per day / R25 000 per month if you have been signed up with your ID document plus proof of address.

Can I upgrade my limits?

You can upgrade your limit from R3000 per day / R10 000 per month to R5000 per day / R25 000 per month by providing EcoCash Remit with your proof of address. Some examples of proof of address are:

  • Utility account
  • Bank account
  • Retail account
  • Site verification (a visit by one of our sign-up agents to your residential address)

To upgrade your limits, you have to contact EcoCash Remit on 0101200800.

What is the minimum transaction limit?

The minimum transaction limit is R150

 What platforms are available to send money?

Once signed up you can transact via the following channels:

Click/follow this link to understand how to send money

How long does it take for money to reach my recipient?

Once you pay for your order the funds are delivered instantly to the pay-out (recipient) partner in the foreign country.

How can my recipient receive the money I’ve sent?

Your recipient can receive the money via any of the following methods captured at the time of creating a transaction:

  • In cash via appointed cash-out agents
  • Into the recipient’s EcoCash FCA mobile wallet

Will my recipient receive USD?

For remittances to Zimbabwe, EcoCash Remit guarantees that recipients will receive USD.

Once I’ve sent money what happens next?

After you have sent money, both you and the recipient will receive a notification by SMS confirming the transaction.

How can I track my transaction?

If you want to ask anything about the progress of your transfer, you contact EcoCash Remit on their phone number or email which is:

What does my recipient need to collect cash?

Your recipient will at least need the following:

  • A reference number that was communicated by SMS to the recipient
  • Valid identification document

Can I cancel my transaction?

If the funds have been received by the recipient, a transaction cannot be canceled. If the funds have not been received by the recipient, you contact EcoCash Remit.

What countries can I send money to?

Currently, you can send money to Zimbabwe only but the service may extend to other countries.

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