EcoCash Taking Away Inactive Agent Lines


EcoCash are taking away agent lines from agents whose lines have not been active for 90 days or more. The fintech company says they want to reissue the lines to other potential agents who may want to use them.


In the same statement EcoCash reminded their agents that the agent line is and remains the property of EcoCash and its issued on the condition that it will be used to facilitate transactions on the ecosystem.

EcoCash also says agent lines cannot be sold to other users.


Looks like the mobile money operator is still continuing with a clean up of its platform. If you remember last year they barred a number of agent lines and there was an uproar with the agents. At that time EcoCash said they had done the action against rogue agents that were selling cash and such related activities.

Probably EcoCash now wants to make sure agent lines are not being held for speculative purposes. It’s also probable that some of these lines were lost a long time ago and the holders just didn’t bother to reopen them given that cashing in and out is not a very common thing anymore.

Some of the holders could also have since left the country. Some folks just up and leave and not even think of closing accounts and such. Sadly, some of the holders could also have passed away and no one notified the operator.

So, yes a clean up makes sense and is important.

This time at least there is some warning and a clear position on what the agents concerned can do to avoid losing their lines. The company says an agent with an inactive line has to fund it with a minimum of RTGS$500.

According to POTRAZ, EcoCash had 26 529 active agents at the end of 2018.


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  1. Bearing in mind that nearly every ecocash agent cashout transaction is corrupt ( over the top %)

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