Have Thine Own Way – Quick DIY Projects That Can Help You Save Money

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Over the years we have seen  Do It Yourself (DIY) projects flourish. We have seen DIY Ceilings, kitchens we have seen people mounting their own TVs and bed, we have seen DIY hairstyles. What’s next, we wonder, DIY houses, DIY boats, cars? Only time will tell where DIY will take us next.

The tech world has not been spared from the DIY frenzy. We have seen DIY phone chargers, DIY headphones, and so many interesting things that people assemble themselves from scratch.

What are some of the advantages of these DIY projects?

  1. They teach new skills which may come in handy someday
  2. If you’re really good at them you can even make money out of them
  3. The obvious one is they save money.
  4. They help exercise the brain and keep it sharp

We as Zimbabweans what tech DIY Project Can We Do?

With limited exposure and limited resources, what  DIY projects can we as Zimbabweans do? Here are a few ideas that can save you money.


The modern-day customer is mostly online and most entrepreneurs are looking for ways to capture their attention. Its always adviced to have a website for marketing. However, most people heard words like C Programming, C++, Java, PHP, Javascript and decided having a website is a complicated and expensive process.  Sites like Simple Site , WordPress , Wix, Squarespace and many more, allow people without programming backgrounds to create and customize their own websites without being charged an arm and a leg by developers. These sites allow you to buy a domain and then use their templates to create your websites and host them for as long as you can pay your yearly or quarterly subscriptions.

The Images below show a few quick preliminary steps you would follow if you were to do your own website.


This just shows how the templates works should you decide to DIY.


For those that want to brand their work in a unique way, there are logo templates that allow you to create the logo you like and customize it. Logojoy is one of the sites that give such privileges. More good news you can even incorporate the logo into your DIY website and have a complete brand. What more would you ask for?

Logojoy, for example, gives you more than 50 options to choose from when designing your logo. All you have to do is make a few changes according to your preferences and you have a logo.


The days of paying someone to design a poster for you must long be gone by now. Canva a mobile and desktop app can design a poster/Flier for you easily. It can even design business cards, social media posts, etc. the sky is the limit when it comes to Canva.

Below are some images of the templates on Canva and some posters you can make using Canva

All these DIY Projects and many more will help you save money to pay for these services. some of them just require a small amount of ingenuity and persistence and research to pull them off. Bottom line, it’s the 4th Industrial era, paying an arm and a leg for something you can do yourself is as ancient as going to war with a spear in 2019.


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