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The crazy drama behind the High Court ruling ZIMDEF’s SAP software tender is illegal

In early 2021 the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (ZIMDEF) called for companies to bid to provide it with Systems Applications and Products (SAP) software. Companies made their bids and ZIMDEF picked one, Tano Digital Solutions, and thought that would be the end of that. Nope, it’s never that simple. One company challenged the awarding of […]

The UK wants to make GDPR cookie popups to be better

When the European Union unleashed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) upon the world back in 2018 they brought about a much-needed intervention in the tracking and cookie world. Before that, it was the Wild-West out there with each tech giant doing as it pleased. Internet users had very little power and control over how […]

Liquid Telecom “Moving Your Business into the Cloud” Webinar Goes Live Today

[Image source: PC Mag] Over the past few months, Liquid Telecom has been hosting a number of Azure educational webinars to interested parties. For September the Webinar will focus on Moving Your Business Into The Cloud and will be hosted online later today – from 2:30 PM to be exact. What will you learn in […]

Local “Artificial Intelligence For Business” Course To Be Held In September

Information technology and software services company Softclick Investments is hosting an Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Business course from the 24th of September to 26 October at Batanai Gardens. The course is supposed to provide “practical, comprehensive training that enables participants to immediately and effectively partake in enterprise AI projects.” Who is the course for? The […]

Have Thine Own Way – Quick DIY Projects That Can Help You Save Money

Over the years we have seen  Do It Yourself (DIY) projects flourish. We have seen DIY Ceilings, kitchens we have seen people mounting their own TVs and bed, we have seen DIY hairstyles. What’s next, we wonder, DIY houses, DIY boats, cars? Only time will tell where DIY will take us next. The tech world […]

[Press Release] Zimbabwean Technology Distributor Wins Prestigious HP Awards

Global computer equipment maker, HP Inc, has recognised a Zimbabwean technology distributor, Innovative Technologies for being its top partner in the Southern African region. The local tech company won the top HP certified partner award for all the countries in the region outside South Africa. HP Inc recognised the company at a prestigious industry event held […]

Nicoz Diamond Think Tank Competition To Be Launched Tomorrow, This One For Student Innovators

Nicoz diamond in partnership with BOOST Fellowship is hosting an innovators competition launch tomorrow the  27th of July 2018 at Nicoz Diamond HQ  from 1 p.m- 3p.m. They will have a workshop and give more information about the competition. So far we know that it is a competition targeted at but not limited to attached […]

How To Come Up With A New Business Idea

I have been to many business workshops and everyone says that for you to be successful you need to solve a problem. Which is true but I think now our thought process is how can I make money? Oh yes by solving a problem. Which problem can I make the most money from in the […]

Liquid Telecom Offering 15 Startups And 100 Developers $250 A Month To Join Microsoft Azure

Liquid Telecoms has introduced the LiquidNEXT program which will aim to support startups and developers. The program is also in partnership with Innovation Village Kampala, a Launchpad accelerator. The money is on the table 15 Startups along with a 100 developers will get $250 each month for one year. On top of this if you […]

Act in Africa, A Zimbabwe Based Entrepreneurship Programme That Provides Seed Funding

Act in Africa(ACT) is an entrepreneurship program based in Harare, with funding – if you make the cut. Their mission is to “build an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Zimbabwe to catalyse economic development and fight unemployment” The program started in 2014 and has a curriculum created by MBA students from the University of California, University of […]

You can now play lotto via USSD on your phone

As we progress, our mobile phones increasingly become an important part of our lives. The use we now have for them is amazing. In fact, you should just try and take account of how dependent you are on your mobile phone or simple, just get it stolen ;0 Nonetheless, the idea is; based on how […]

Why digital presence is a critical investment for businesses #DigitalFuture

In business, we often overlook a number of important aspects which we often term minor or more of the ‘it can wait’ type of thing. Yet right in those things lie some of our keys to success. Someone once said “If you don’t have a digital presence, you do not exist” and for some time […]

How is Video Email Marketing Changing the Game for Businesses?

Image Credit: Álvaro Serrano (Unsplash) Email marketing is one of the most useful methods of online marketing available today, with an exceptionally high Return On Investment (ROI) regardless of the business that you are in. Studies have shown that email marketing can bring in as much as $38 for every $1 that you spend on it, […]

Is there need for Red Hat Certification training in Zimbabwe?

A local institution is investigating the need to train Systems Administrators/Engineers who use Linux towards Red Hat certifications. The course is targeted at individuals with at least 2 years experience using Linux. Training is for the Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator (RHCSA) and the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) qualifications. After the training however, the […]

9 Facts Gained From The New TelOne Data Centre Launch

Yesterday TelOne launched their new data centre, amidst much pomp and funfair. Techzim covered the event and besides witnessing Plaxedes Wenyika serenading the crowd, a clearer insight to what POTRAZ are implementing in regards to the National Internet eXchange Point (IXP) was established. Techzim are yet to establish new data surrounding the establishment of the IXP, however TelOne have been […]

TelOne Launch New Data Centre

Techzim attended the TelOne Data Center and Cloud Solutions launch this morning, held in Harare, where the Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira officially opened the centre. This was touted as the “first phase of the National Data Centre” and current capabilities of the centre not only include the ability to host huge amounts of data, but […]

New head of Microsoft for Africa

Microsoft just announced they now have a new executive heading the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region called Samer Abu Ltaif. He’s a Microsoft veteran who’s been with the company since 2004 in various positions.  He was apparently one of the key people driving programs like BizSpark (an initiative to support Startups with cheaper access to Microsoft business tools). His […]

How Do You Apply For An ITF263 Certificate From Zimra?

We’re no tax consultants and for professional advice on this topic you are advise to seek professional assistance. At the beginning of the year, every year, companies are now required to apply for what is known as an ITF263 certificate that shows an organisation is tax compliant, or well, is at least in the process […]

January disease is Zimbabwe’s version of Black Friday

Black Friday has become the symbol for discount shopping across the world but due to most Zimbabweans lack of interest in online shopping, annoyance with unreasonable ZIMRA duty charges and fear of whether goods would actually reach the end destination (Zimbabwe) we have largely missed most of the fire sale shopping online. The last big […]

Samsung had a bad year but has handled it like a BOSS!

True Samsung can mark this year as their darkest and probably the grimmest ones in the tech world ever since the death of Nokia. As a refresher the Electronics Giant’s flagship Galaxy Note 7 phablet was at the very bleeding edge of technology and innovation oozing with a plethora of advanced features including Iris scanning […]

Nokia Officially back in the smartphone game!

In a Capital Markets Day event held last Tuesday Nokia confirmed in an official company strategy event that the company is coming back into the smartphone game licensing its brand name to HMD Global allowing them a 10 year exclusive agreement for manufacturing Nokia branded smartphones and tablets. HMD is a newly founded company born in […]

African Tech Hubs double in less than one year: a place to meet, network and grow

image credit – The number of tech hubs in Africa has risen from 120 to 314 according to a report by GSMA. A tech-hub is any physical space that provides start-ups with resources and services to support their growth and include: incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, fab labs, maker spaces, hacker spaces and other innovation spaces.  The growth of tech hubs […]

Zing Zimbabwe raises $15 million in funding

ZiNG ZW, the local company that is unrolling over 1,000 electronic vending booths around Zimbabwe over a year and aiming to create around 10,000 jobs in the process, is breaking new ground in other ways. ZiNG has managed to line up foreign direct investment (FDI) into its venture to the tune of $15 million, managing director Bill […]

Zing returns to Zimbabwe, the latest player in electronic vending space

Many Zimbabweans associate the ZiNG brand with Caps United FC, and with a mobile instant messaging app based out of Durban, South Africa. The ZiNG technology fell broadly under the bracket of mobile instant messaging platforms, with a special focus on instant and group messaging (especially connecting businesses with customers.)  The company initially came into the […]

NSSA goes live with $10M SAP project after two year delay

The project, which was started back in 2013, experienced a two and half year delay. The implementation was being carried out by Twenty Third Century Systems, a regional SAP consulting company.

Interview with Afrosoft Holdings CEO – Here’s why the Enterprise firm is enabling innovators & content creators

In spite of all the success that has been registered by Afrosoft through various strategies, the company has had to adapt to the continuous changes in technology which include the rise of mobile technology and the need to open up to innovators beyond its own limited ecosystem.

Logicode kicks off drive for Oracle Cloud Services in Zimbabwe

Part of Logicode’s existing clients and some potential users form both large and small scale enterprises took part in the half-day event, and they wer brought up to speed on the full scale of what Oracle’s embrace of cloud services means for Zimbabwean enterprises.

Collaboration,experience & expertise – How Chengetedzai Depository Company was started

According to Musiwa, most people seem to underestimate the work that was involved in becoming the sole handler of digital securuities. It was hardly a task achieved by a single individual, and the founders of Chengetedzai Depository had to identify experts in the field of securities and finance to bring on board, something that the regulator had made mandatory.

Exclusive: Celsys, formerly listed tech and printing company, shuts down

The company was last week closed out from it’s premises after its landlord evicted it and took over most of the company’s assets apparently in a bid to recover unpaid rentals.

It’s just been bought by the government, but who is Portnet Software?

The decision recently by the government, through ZARNet to acquire a 51% stake in SAP Partner Portnet raises the question of who Portnet is. Here is a brief profile.