Zim Women Can Use This Platform To Ask Questions About Their Rights And Other Legal Stuff They Need Help With


Veritas Women has come up with a platform that women in Zimbabwe can use to inquire about their rights and how they can legally deal with some problems they face.


The platform seeks to “to discuss and to promote awareness of the rights and status of women in Zimbabwe and to foster gender equity”. The platform is not only for women, but its also for everyone “who have women’s rights at heart”.

Veritas Zimbabwe has launched an Interactive Women’s Platform. It will provide information on the rights and status of women in Zimbabwe and also information on where to turn and what legal options are available if women feel their rights are being violated or ignored. Women who interact on the platform will become more knowledgeable on the Constitution and other rights enshrined in our laws.


How does the platform work

You only have to visit the platform and post whatever question you have and a Veritas lawyer will reply you “in the shortest time possible”, during work hours. However, if you post your question or query some other time when the Veritas team is offline, you can just leave your message, which they will reply as soon as they come back online.

Your chat with the Veritas team can be done on the on-site chat portal, email or on WhatsApp. It’s so easy and fast to start a chat on the platform as you only need to fill-in your name and email address and, of course, send your message to Veritas Women. English, Shona, and Ndebele are the only languages that you can use to make your inquiries on the platform.

How to access the platform

Visit this site:

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