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Zimbabwe Now Has The Most Expensive Mobile Data In The World – Report

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A recent report by Cable found out that Zimbabwe has the most expensive mobile data in the world. The study stated that in Zimbabwe, 1 gigabyte (gig) costs $75 per month which makes it make it quite pricey more than other countries in the whole wide world.

Zimbabwe is on the extreme opposite of India that is regarded to have the cheapest data in the world. However, one report by BBC said that the cheapness of the data is the one that’s fueling fake news in India. Anyway, it seems like Sub-saharan is notorious for its data prices as 4 countries (including Zimbabwe) are in the top 10 of the most expensive data on the list. Zimbabwe’s data cost $9 more than the second country on the list, Equatorial Guinea which is from Sub-Saharan Africa.

However, 3 out of the 10 cheapest countries in the world are from Sub-saharan Africa with Rwanda charging $0.56 cents/gig, Sudan charging $0.68 cents/gig and Democratic Republic of Congo charging $0.88 cents/gig. The absurdness of the data cost in Zimbabwe was more pronounced when the study stated that one would need $350 bucks to stream just one movie on Netflix.

Why data cost so much and the effect

Theories of why Zimbabwe’s data cost so much range from the fact that we are a landlocked country to having relatively fewer mobile internet providers. As I once mentioned, expensive data serves only to deter the upcoming internet-based business models.  

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14 thoughts on “Zimbabwe Now Has The Most Expensive Mobile Data In The World – Report

  1. this is a very stupid article and shame on the writer and publisher, absurd stuff, $2 i get a gig evryday, netflix is my daily bread, weve no idea what you are talking about, do your research properly

    1. that is a daily bundle…he is stating a monthly plus bundle, and infact he/she is right Zimbabwe is the most expensive. For example ,in namibia 10 rand will get you 4gb social bundle for ig,fb,tw and whatsapp..wheres that amout will only get you 90mb

  2. Tech zim and whoever wrote this article must take it down and shut up of they have nothing important to say. I pay a dollar rtgs for 250 mb daily data, where is 75 dollars coming from. That’s shameful

    1. You are writing about special daily bundles. He writes about the ordinary data for a month or more. Read again and understand. Zim has the most expensive data in the world, period!!

      1. But $75 yakanyanya. I don’t think that’s justified. Take into account the exchange rate parity, their argument falls away.

  3. People seem to read to comment and not to understand. Data is expensive in Zimbabwe, finish and klaar.

  4. Large users maybe buy daily bundles for $2 for 1GB – $0.002 per MB and keep doing it daily, or lobby for a monthly bundle or 30gb for $30 up front. There is legitimate case for paying upfront for the month right?

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