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5 Sites To Learn Free Online IT Courses

Nowadays, education is not limited to the classroom anymore. The advancements of technology and the Internet have granted us access to a wide range of digital learning materials as well as online forums and communities.

There are now many organizations or individuals that offer free online courses and learning materials, and today I would like to bring your attention to a list of websites that offer free online courses for IT and other different streams of higher education.

These websites are all part of the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) movement. All you have to do to is sign up and you’ll be able to join your favorite courses for free.


EdX is a massive open online course (MOOC) provider with university-level courses developed by schools, nonprofit organizations and corporations. These courses are offered for free to users. Courses include short videos, interactive learning exercises, tutorial videos, online textbooks and a forum where students can interact with one another, ask questions and reach out to teaching assistants.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy was developed in 2006 as a non-profit educational organization, with the distinct goal of educating students online for free. Lessons are taught through YouTube videos. Courses can be accessed on a mobile device and most have been translated into several languages, with nearly 20,000 subtitle translations available. While it might not serve as a formal education, it’s an easy way to learn new skills as you advance your career.


There’s no fee for signing up on Codeacademy,and there’s no monthly subscription fee to ruin your budget.

And the best part? It covers tons of programming languages. There are lessons on CSS, Ruby, Java, and HTML. Codecademy can also teach you how to code using Rails, SQL, and JavaScript.

There’s also the opportunity to ask around community members. When you sign up at Codecademy, you can join groups for people interested in a certain coding language. Whenever you feel lost and stuck, you can just ask for help from other members.

Dash General Assembly

General Assembly is a for-profit education organization, but they also offer a free course that promises to teach students the basics of web development. The Dash program focuses on teaching you how to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The program is free and completely online, so you’ll be able to learn at your own pace. The course includes tutorials and hands-on projects you can complete in your browser — if you’re interested in web design, it’s an easy way to test the waters.


Alison offfers free courses in health, technology, and business. Now, there’s just one caveat. Alison isn’t accredited yet. However when I perused their courses and how they taught they are just good as those popular accredited platforms.


These platforms are just a few of many emerging and established platforms you can use to acquire a new skill. Many of the other platforms that I didn’t list here offer some courses as free and others for a price.

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  1. Thank you. Alvine…I was looking for this. Wolf be great if we more of these educational articles

  2. Hi Nice Article, As you said now a days there is no limited for education and will keep getting new and advanced technologies which we should be learn for future. If we want to enhance or learn new skills there are many resources are available in internet but all resources are not good. As you mentioned some are only top and fast growing platforms in education sector digitally. You no need to go any class room or anywhere else. when will get a time you will just sit infront of the system or mobile and browse your best platform from where you want to learn courses. Then just sign up and start learning courses at any time any where.

    I am also suggesting some more sites which are quite popular and fast growing with very good service. Simpliv will provide courses form basic to advanced. Like ” Learn JAVA from the scratch online” – This is just for reference i mentioned here.

    Like some other sites are available see below:

    As per my research above sites are best resources to learn any course online.

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