Buy Groceries In South Africa And Send Them To Zimbabwe For Same Day Delivery With Malaicha

Zimbabwean businesses, Zimbabwean retailers, Zimbabwean consumers is a new mobile app that Zimbabweans in South Africa (S.A) can use to buy groceries in (in S.A) for their family and friends back in Zimbabwean. Using a smartphone with the app, Zimbabweans in S.A can shop and get the groceries delivered in Zimbabwe in just 24 hours. partnered with Hellopaisa, to be able to provide this convenient service. The partnership enables previously registered Hellopaisa customers to login into the app. If you are not a HelloPaisa customer, no problem, you can just sign up as a new user on the app.

Getting started

The app can only be used by Zimbabweans in S.A. The first thing to do is sign up on the app, which you can download on Google store (it’s not yet available on Apple App store). Or you can sign up using the USSD by dialling *130*43556# (in South Africa).


Shopping and payments

After selecting the groceries you want, you then choose to make a payment at various outlets in S.A that include FNB bank, Standard Bank, Nedbank, Checkers, Shoprite and many more.


As I mentioned earlier, promises delivery of the groceries in Zimbabwe in 24 hours. Recipients in Zimbabwe can then collect their groceries in Harare and Bulawayo at designated points

Do you pay for delivery?

You don’t pay any delivery fee. Meaning that the total price of the groceries you pay is the final money you fork out of your pocket.

Download the app here

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11 thoughts on “Buy Groceries In South Africa And Send Them To Zimbabwe For Same Day Delivery With Malaicha

  1. Zimbabweans will put all effort to shoot themselves in the foot. Stay away from imports. you just don’t get it

    1. A number of the products on offer are locally produced. I doubt they are importing them into SA and sending them back to Zimbabwe. Nonetheless, what other options are there for diaspora based Zimbabweans to send groceries. It’s foolish that you’d rather their families starve, in the name of not using imports.

      By the way, from the time you woke up till you posted this comment, you probably used more imports than locally produced products.

      1. As it has been said it’s for Zimbabwean in SA, it’s ones choice to send money or goods

  2. Very novel idea to have a system that addresses the needs of people going through a lot of chaos.

    @Zimbo Its about need, if you need something, you cannot wait for the system to work things out and be available. Not everyone is connected and able to access all that they need. When someone offers those without options a chance to get what they need, It is not right to mock or ridicule them. Inxeba lendoda alihlekwa/Do not laugh at a man’s scars for you do not know the circumstances by which he got them.

  3. For starters, get your spelling right. What the hell is ‘malaicha’? Its spelt malayitsha, stupid.

  4. Those who go against the idea try it first before you say negativect things abiut one’s ides

  5. One is curious to see the prices of products since delivery is free the prices must be an arm and a leg.

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