Fault At Hwange Power Station – ZESA Outages To Be Worse

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Hwange ZESA

The electricity situation seems to be getting worse by the day and efforts to turn the situation around are also being hampered by the fact that Hwange Power Station breaks down every other week causing longer periods of darkness.

ZETDC took to their Twitter to announce another fault that will result in longer load shedding hours.

ZESA’s spokesperson, Mr Fullard Gwasira gave more details regarding the failure of equipment at Hwange:

It’s [the faults at Hwange] indeed typical of aged plant which fails frequently. But that doesn’t provide much relief unfortunately.

[To rectify] We basically need new investment in new plants. Life extension doesn’t provide relief for very long.

Mr Gwasira also said in order to rectify the situation, there needs to be investment in the power sector:

Well in the short term the availability of forex to import power will suffice to cover deficit. Medium term Kariba and Hwange. Long term? We need new investment in the power sector.

It’s not clear whether the US$10 million that was reported to have been paid to Eskom last week will impact the current electricity as it seems to be worsening rather than improving.


  1. Terry

    These are lies and there was no 10 million paid to Eskom,Zimbabwe is a land of corruption and you hear our president saying we are open for business with this kind of situation what a joke

  2. Anonymous

    Typical useless corrupt officials who let everything go to ruins whilst they filled their pockets . Shame on you . How do you face your families . One day they will despise you like we do .

  3. reggie

    very simple. Unit 6 is broken and ZPC has no money to pay Ansaldo to repair it.

  4. Galileo Feruka

    I think lets use solar a another source of emerges in homes. I think of the government can roll up a program to install solar in homes at a reasonable rates for all households in the cities and rural areas. This will learn the burden on our national grid

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