[Breaking] Econet Facing Total Blackout


The Econet Network is facing a catastrophic system failure that has seen a majority of it’s services completely unavailable. So far confirmed services that are down are as follows.

  • Data/Internet services
  • USSD services
  • Steward Bank App
  • EcoCash Data App
  • Yomix

It is still unclear what has caused this system failure or if it is attributed to the severe power outage the nation is facing. If you have systems that rely on these services you may be facing some challenges.

At the time of publishing this article the Econet network has faced close to an hour of down time. If there are any services that seem to be unavailable send them through in the comments section below.


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  1. Ive just come up with a new industry for Zim: Backup power system stress testing! All the major players like Cummins, Kipor etc could send us their new models for validation! We could even licence out a new “Zimbabwe Tough” standard to manufactures!!! Zimbabwe is open for Business!!!

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