[Breaking] Econet Facing Total Blackout

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The Econet Network is facing a catastrophic system failure that has seen a majority of it’s services completely unavailable. So far confirmed services that are down are as follows.

  • Data/Internet services
  • USSD services
  • Steward Bank App
  • EcoCash Data App
  • Yomix

It is still unclear what has caused this system failure or if it is attributed to the severe power outage the nation is facing. If you have systems that rely on these services you may be facing some challenges.

At the time of publishing this article the Econet network has faced close to an hour of down time. If there are any services that seem to be unavailable send them through in the comments section below.


  1. 3moboat


    1. mashingat

      none is working please advise zvaita

  2. Anonymous

    Phone calls

  3. Rachel Jennifer Stewart

    Steward bank swipe wasn’t working yesterday. Haven’t tried today

  4. Mucheri

    Using 4g yeEconet right now to read this article ndripa Tynwald south apa. Asi ndambo tryer kumover cash from steward to econet ndripa butcher ya ramba ndatozo udza madam vamhanye paden vanotora bond ranga takachengeta

  5. Diliza

    I’ve been trying to transact via EcoCash with no luck.

  6. Anonymous

    Can’t call right now

  7. Rue

    Cant even enquire balance

  8. Anonymous

    Sms is down. Can’t call. Can not do anything but play games

  9. Anonymous

    Zvadigwa jecha

  10. Haley Blanchfield

    Having to rely on the generosity of my loyal housekeeper who is on TelOne network so that I can call my elderly father who is unwell. My phone (Econet line) – cannot make calls out and my Father (also Econet) cannot call me. No text messaging available. And no Ecocash. I understand the situation with Zesa is dire and obviously affecting all aspects of life here – but just wonder what TelOne are managing to do to keep their system up and running (for which we are very grateful by the way). Good Luck Econet – we are relying on you to get us back up and running again!

  11. Anonymous

    nothing is working

  12. Silomusa Mpofu

    Nothing is working can’t enquire balance, can’t juice airtime, can’t call, can’t send a call back nothing having to rely on WiFi

  13. Anonymous


  14. Patience Tafa

    Can`t even send a please call me

  15. Tour Guide

    I cant do anything.Cant even check airtime balance , call,text or use data.But my Zol Fibroniks kicked in just now when Zesa came back at 1400hrs.There was no power since 0400hrs this morning.I last used Econet Network at 0938am .Im in the resort town of Victoria Falls.

  16. Alfred Ncube

    Econet need to prevent in their network these single point of failure. How can a network be down this long? Heads must roll straight away. Neither have l seen an official message of notification & updates.

  17. Anonymous

    This should show the authorities that as a country we are too reliant on one network and its affiliates. I can only imagine if there is an emergency and there is no way of contacting emergency services. This should change.
    Calling, SMS, E-Channels save for those on net1, Ecocash.

    1. Anonymous

      Which emergency services

  18. Anonymous

    Their website is down too. Loos like a total blackout

  19. Chemai

    Only *140 was working in Chitungwiza

  20. Anonymous

    Econet marara chaiwo….nemari yavanayo vanotadza kukasika kugadzirisa zvunhu nenguva nxaaa

    1. Anonymous

      Dont be crazy ukuti econet ndiyo inogadzira magetsi here dont blame econet usaite sezvinonzi root cause of all this hausi kuiziva

  21. Themba

    Whatapp is now back online.Asi ecocash is not working

  22. Anonymous

    18.23pm Still unable to access Ecocash either with app or *151#. No forms of data usage available either

  23. Louise

    Ecocash is still down we can’t purchase goods

  24. Anonymous

    Yah things do breakdown at least data is back but Ecocash still down

  25. Anonymous

    Hezvo tisiirei econet yadii zvayo musingapopoteri vamwe soo vasingatipi magetsi

  26. Zimbabwe Tough

    Ive just come up with a new industry for Zim: Backup power system stress testing! All the major players like Cummins, Kipor etc could send us their new models for validation! We could even licence out a new “Zimbabwe Tough” standard to manufactures!!! Zimbabwe is open for Business!!!

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