Harare City Council To Spend $23 000 On iPads

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It’s totally absurd for an institution that’s borrowing money to meet its salaries obligations to splash money on iPads. Better yet, its even struggling to buy water treatment chemicals. This is Harare City Council (HCC) that I’m talking about.

According to The Herald report, HCC will spend around ZWL $23000 to buy each councilor an iPad. The finance committee’s minutes, as reported by The Herald read:

Under matters for which the chairperson’s consent had been obtained, the committee was advised that the tender processes (of iPads) had been completed and the matter was now with the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe and it was anticipated that approval would be received within the month of June 2019

The finance committee was advised that procurement of councillors’ iPads was now at PRAZ. The procurement would be completed by mid-July 2019.

You never know the money splashed on Ipad was probably borrowed. The reason why councilors really want to use the iPads for is not known and I even dare to think that a majority of them struggle to use computers in their offices. Do they want to do their jobs on-the-go using iPads? I highly doubt it. This is not the first time they have made this request, last year in October they made a similar request.

I understand that these gadgets can probably ease their workflow but buying such expensive gadgets at a time when they are struggling to buy water treatment chemicals (and at a time when we are running with the theme “Austerity for Prosperity) is so ironic and doesn’t make sense. Okay, even if they really need tablets, why didn’t they, at least, go for cheaper brands like Samsung.


  1. Tinashe Nyahasha

    I totally disagree with your sentiment here. Haisiriyo staera yekuti, “Urikutodya hako nenyama iwe uine mari yangu,” here iyi?

    23k is too little within the scheme of things and we can’t raise eye brows for expenditure on productivity tools especially when we ourselves are admitting that we don’t know why they need the iPads. What if the iPads will so increase efficiency that the city will save hundreds of thousands (that can then go towards treating your water)?

  2. Roger Zuva

    Honestly, how many iPads can one buy with ZWL $23k? Less than five. Is it national news that the council of a city bought two iPads? How much water do you think the council can treat with ZWL$23k?

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha


  3. Mukanya

    Mukombe unopedza mugomo wemvura! Councilor in need of a iPad for what? A mere supervisor!!

  4. Chris Mberi

    It is my feeling that this could be a young writer fresh from school comparing ZWL23K to his school pocket money. This is not and cannot be news until we know what the ipads are going to be used for

  5. Christoph Hold

    Wake up Zimbabweans. You work so hard to make Your daily life. Familymembers abroad support You with real monney. Everything is taken from You for the people who are in first class anyway. Stand up together. You are millions and they steel billions.

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