Strive Masiwa Reveals Steps He’s Taking To Connect Africa

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Here’s how Econet founder, Strive Masiyiwa plans to connect Africa through through fibre optic links in Africa.

Last year Liquid Telecom, finally completed the fibre optic link between Cape Town and Cairo. This was a really big deal.

We have also been working on a cable linking: Dar es salaam-Lumumbashi-Kinshasa-Luanda Port-Moanda Port(DRC Atlantic Ocean).


This route has been every bit as difficult and audacious as Cape To Cairo. The link between Lubumbashi and Kinshasa was considered technically impossible by many experts. I hope to be back in Kinshasa this year to commission it, so help me God!

The build out is progressing very well, and we are now at INGA DAM. It could be fully “lit” by January next year.

We are also building Cape Town to Luanda through Zambia. We are currently at a place called Solwezi in Zambia. Check you map! This link will also connects to DAR. These parallel routes create a network of resilience for digital infrastructure.

I have been briefing African heads of state in the region on the progress.
I’m grateful to the increasing number of African leaders who have caught the vision of this, and have given me unflinching support over the years.

Without a digital backbone of fibre networks, and data centres, it will be difficult to unlock the promise of the 4th Industrial revolution in Africa.
We also need this as part of the network infrastructure [including 5G] to enable the computer speeds that AI software will operate.

I need to complete these works in time for my 60th birthday!

I covet your prayers, and encouragement.

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8 thoughts on “Strive Masiwa Reveals Steps He’s Taking To Connect Africa

  1. Great african vision for the 21st century ,africa taking part in 5G would be a gamechanger for our economies…nothing can stop an idea whose time has come …strive on Strive Masiyiwa

  2. God help Africa in taking part in the 5G technology and in the Industrial revolution in Africa we pray for the success of this project may it go well in areas like DRC we pray for the best of Africa

    1. That is why we will miss the revolution. All most Africans do is pray and complain and blame spirits when things do not work. I’m not against prayer but I’m against simply bringing your hands together and believing miracles will happen. There is need to work and work hard. How are you helping make the project a success (you’ll hear excuse after excuse and I can think of a myriad of roles you can play).

  3. Great job indeed my fellow countryman.May God bless you.You are a true visionary for Africa.

  4. We thank God for you and it shall be indeed as you have spoken….done deal by 60! Blessings!

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