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EcoCash’s Bureau de Change Is Buying US Dollars At Higher Rate Than Banks

us$ 50, bank note

EcoCash’s digital Bureau de Change by debuted on a high note as its buying US Dollars at a higher rate than banks. Yes, you can sell your US Dollars at higher rate to EcoCash than to banks.

At the moment EcoCash is offering $10.80 Zim Dollars for $1 US Dollar whereas the averageoffered by the banking sector is $10.24 Zim Dollars for $1 US Dollar. Below the first image shows EcoCash Bureau de Change’s rate and the second one shows several banks’ rates:

So today bank’s could experience a slight decline in business where exchanging currencies is concerned. It remains to be seen if EcoCash will keep on paying these higher rates in the future or maybe it’s for today only (and a few coming days) so that people hear about it’s service.

However, EcoCash Bureau de Change is not paying as much as the black market as you can see below:

If you want to know the latest exchange rates through WhatsApp then use the Techzim WhatsApp bot by clicking this link or texting “Rate” to: 0719696102

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5 thoughts on “EcoCash’s Bureau de Change Is Buying US Dollars At Higher Rate Than Banks

  1. They are trying to find a way for Econet to raise forex. There’s probably no option to buy forex, only sell. It’s no different from our banks, you watch someone sell them money. But, when you want to buy suddenly there’s either no money or endless paperwork to be filled/provided.

  2. It’s rubbish anyways as your charges for using that ecocash is so high you will just be basically giving back strive a portion of the few cents you think you have gained,,,,Econet is just a rip off how do you think they got so wealthy,,,,,,,conned the people so so many times,,,,,if anyone remembers they had a life insurance that disappeared over night even they kwese after selling people stuff that don’t work anymore,,,,,airtime just disappearing if anyone remembers,,,,,,it’s always some sort of loss for clients while Econet becomes bigger by taking advantage of the countries situation

    1. @Jason. You can not do away with money transfer charges regardless of who you use.
      This represents a safer way of exchanging forex rather than with informal money changers

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